Tale of the Tape

A nearby offensive line prospect is playing the waiting game in respect to offers from two of his favorite schools, but in the meantime has already racked up a number of offers from other well-known Division 1A schools.

Andy Miller, a tight end from Trinity High School in Washington, Pa., has garnered a good deal of attention as his senior year commences. The big prospect (6-7, 255 lbs.) has offers from Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina State and Marshall, but is hoping to garner a couple of more from two nearby Big East schools.

"I want to see if WVU or Pitt extend an offer," Miller said after opening his senior season with a 32-18 win over Indiana. "If that doesn't happen, I might make my decision sometime during the season. But, I'm not in a big hurry to do that."

It's not that the Mountaineers or Panthers don't think that Miller is a solid prospect. It's simply that they want to see more film on Miller before making the call.

"It's basically just film evidence they want to see," explained Miller. "Last year, we had four tight ends that played. The starter ended up going to West Point, so I only got to play about every other series.

"The coaches said they wanted to see more film of me this year. My coach has put together some tapes from our first two scrimmages and the first game, so we'll be sending that in this week."

Miller noted that he has thought a little bit about his performance on those tapes, but said that he has to put those things out of his head when he steps on the field.

"I try not to think about playing well just to look good on film," he said thoughtfully. "I just concentrate on doing my assignments to help my team do well. If I do that, and take care of my assignments, then that's all I can do. Thinking about it would just confuse me."

Miller was obviously aware of WVU, living as close as he was to the Mountaineer campus, but didn't begin looking at them until the coaches came to his school during a visitation period. He then participated in WVU's one-day camp, liked what he saw, and thus put the Mountaineers on his list.

Miller's Trinity team also won WVU's seven-on-seven passing camp in June, but Miller was unable to participate in that event.

"I was really sick that week, so I wasn't able to attend, and then they went ahead and won it. Go figure," he said with a laugh.

Some of the schools looking at Miller like him as a tight end, but others see a great offensive tackle prospect. With his big frame and long arms, visions of stonewalling pass rushers are dancing through the minds of more than one offensive line coach. Miller, who is also playing defensive end this year, would not have a problem with such a switch.

"I've played tight end my whole life, but if playing tackle is the difference maker in choosing a school, and it's somewhere I really want to go, I'm willing to play there. I'm probably more comfortable playing tight end, because I've played there my whole career, but moving would not be a problem.

"This is first year I've played a lot of defense," he continued. "I enjoy it, because you get to hit and tackle, but think I'm better on offense overall, mostly because I have more experience there."

Miller had a good defensive game against Indiana, recording "six or seven tackles and a sack" as Trinity rallied from an 18-17 deficit for the win. That performance could be the first step in attracting offers from one, or both, of his Big East favorites.

"I guess you could say that if they offered, they would be at the top of my list."

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