Fearless Picks - Wofford

One prognosticator is in an early hole, and it looks like it might be tough to gain ground this week. With not much challenge in the selection department, some verbal darts highlight this week's picks.

Matt Keller Last Week: L Season 0-1 Pick: WVU 27-10
After noticing it last week, one must comment on BlueGoldNews.com's Kevin Kinder refusing to pick games. He either thinks he is too good for it, or knows he can't knock-off a reigning champ. Either way, he's playing Terrier to my defending champion Mountaineers.

And, much like the little dog, the rest of the Pick'em Pack will soon be nipping at the big dog's heels. It's time to even it up: West Virginia beats Wofford.

WVU has too much of everything. If it can simply relax -- no easy task in front of 60,000 fans in 30-plus major players' first home game -- and hold assignments, it should handle the South Carolina school. The major weekend prediction here: WVU returns one kick for a touchdown, and Chris Richardson's sorry George Washington High football team -- an oxymoron if ever there was one -- again gets whipped on the gridiron.

Bill Gleason Last Week: W Season 1-0 Pick: WVU 52-13
West Virginia's defense proved to be as good as advertised this past Sunday. And while it remains to be seen if Syracuse is that bad or the WVU defense is that good, one thing is for sure: Wofford is no Syracuse.

Expect to see many substitutions this coming Saturday against the Terriers as Rich Rodriguez tries to get his personnel ready for the two game stretch of Maryland and Virginia Tech in consecutive weeks.

This one will be a laugher if the Mountaineers focus on the business at hand, but if the team comes out flat the Terriers have the ability to give out more than a handful of troubles. My bet is on the laugher.

Andy Easton Last Week: W Season 1-0 Pick: WVU 38-10
Wofford won't be nervous coming into Morgantown, as the Terriers have averaged more than one Division 1A road trip over the past seven years. However, that won't be enough for the 1AA visitors to overcome the talent gap. WVU got a big boost of confidence with their road win over Syracuse, and will be looking to put more pieces together offensively against the visitors.
Chris Richardson Last Week: - Season 0-0 Pick: WVU 41-10
Two items before we get into the bulk of my prediction. First, Matt Keller showed last week that he is vulnerable in 2005, and because of that vulnerability he is currently sitting in last place. Second, the time has come for Kevin Kinder to begin picking games. I hope my colleagues here at BlueGoldNews.com will follow my lead and start applying "peer pressure" to our site's esteemed publisher. His constant rebuttal to our pressure has been "I'm no good with picks." Well Kevin, that hasn't stopped Matt Keller, has it? I rest my case. On to this week's pick.

I'm interested to see the 3-3-5 against Wofford's "wingbone" offense. I think the Mountaineers will have trouble defending it early, falling behind in the first quarter 3-0 or 7-0. For the rest of the game though, the Terriers will manage just one score on the nation's best defense. Offensively, the running game begins to pick up steam, and Bednarik has another strong outing both running and throwing in his second start in the Blue and Gold. Look for Brandon Myles to reach the end zone once, and Jason Gwaltney scores the first touchdown of his Mountaineer career. Also, Vaughn Rivers reaches the end zone via a punt return. The Blue and Gold finishes with 500 yards of total offense, including over 200 through the air, while the defense holds Wofford to less than 200 total yards.

Greg Hunter Last Week: W Season 1-0 Pick: WVU 35-14
I don't expect the Mountaineers to have too much trouble with Wofford, but the Terriers are not a bad Division I-AA program and their unique wingbone option attack can cause problems. WVU didn't exactly blow out James Madison last year, and the Dukes would prove their worth by winning the I-AA championship later that season. It doesn't appear that Wofford is in the JMU category, but I also don't expect this to be a complete walk in the park for West Virginia either. Still the Mountaineers should win be a wide margin, and the most important thing, besides coming out injury-free, is to continue get their young offense up to speed with the challenges of Maryland and Virginia Tech quickly approaching.
Cam Huffman Last Week: W Season 1-0 Pick: WVU 34-7
After being accused of being long-winded in my weekly picks, I am going to keep this one short and sweet. If you are a Division I-A football program, there is no reason you should struggle with a Division I-AA program — I hope you were listening Marshall fans. WVU will take care of business in a 34-7 rout of the Terriers. Look for touchdown passes from both Bednarik and White, at least one score from the defense and the season's first touchdown from Jason Colson, as he finally learns to hold on to the football.

Perhaps the biggest question in this one is how Rich Rodriguez will spin the postgame press conference and what excuse Kevin Kinder will use for not picking with the rest of the staff.

Jane Donovan Last Week: W Season 1-0 Pick: WVU 42-7
All week, all we've heard is how difficult Wofford's wishbone is going to be to defend. Just remember that what Terriers do best is yap annoyingly around your ankles. Adam Bednarik makes it even clearer that he's the man, Jason Colson recovers from dropsy, the first team has this sealed by half-time, and Rich learns his lesson from last year and lets some backups get some game time.
Chuck McGill Last Week: W Season 1-0 Pick: WVU 45-7
Did everyone give Matt Keller heat for picking Syracuse? Good.

The thing is, Keller's prediction wasn't all that unrealistic. West Virginia had some serious questions to answer in a conference opener in a difficult environment.

Heading into Week 2, many of those questions are beginning to be answered. As of now, the quarterback situation, the receivers, the defense, special teams and leadership are all ahead of schedule. Enter Wofford.

A prime opportunity to continue experimenting before delving into the meat of the schedule. A chance to build confidence and rhythm in the rushing attack, to incorporate a few new receivers and to offer playing time to the plethora of underclassmen littered amongst WVU's roster.

Last week, Wofford attempted 74 rushes and completed just four passes. My prediction? True freshman J.R. House completes more passes than the Terriers as a team, and exciting running back Steve Slaton breaks off a huge touchdown run. Mix in some more smothering defense, a defensive score and Jason Gwaltney's first collegiate touchdown, and the rout is on.

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