No Better Offer

La Plata (Md.) offensive lineman Eric Jobe had been wondering about receiving more scholarship offers as his senior season got underway, but all it took was one conversation with his high school coach to realize that he already the one that meant the most.

"I was talking with my coach, Chris Davidson, at the end of school, and he asked me what I was waiting for," said Jobe, whose only BCS conference offer was from West Virginia. "I had liked West Virginia from the start, and I couldn't give him an answer. There really was nothing I was waiting for, so I knew it was time to commit."

Davidson, who believes that Jobe's lack of offers stem solely from the disarray the La Platt program has fallen into in recent years, confirms that report.

"I asked him, ‘What school are you waiting for to walk through that door?'" Davidson recounted. "He said ‘I need to talk to my folks.' And when he came back, he told me he needed to call coach Stewart."

That quick decision followed a summer marked with a couple of notable events in Jobe's recruitment. During a trip to Tennessee for the Volunteers' junior day, Jobe decided to stop in at WVU.

"I wanted to see as many schools as I could this summer," Jobe said. "They took me in and treated me well. I really liked my recruiting coach, Bill Stewart. He showed me around and introduced me to the coaches. That just got the whole thing off to a really good start."

The visit led to a return trip to WVU's individual camp, and it was on that day when Jobe and the Mountaineer coaches realized that a match might be in the works.

"I was only there for one day, but I had a good time working with Coach Trickett. He seemed to like me, and I learned a lot in the short time I was there.

"Next, I went to the camps at Pitt and Penn State, and when I got back home WVU called to offer me a scholarship. So I turned around and went back to West Virginia with a couple of my coaches the next day."

Repeating a trip that he had just made a few days earlier might seem a bit strange, but Jobe was impressed enough with the offer to make sure he got a full look at the Mountaineer program. That visit really sowed the seeds for Jobe's commitment three months later.

"I got to work with the strength and conditioning staff when they showed me around the weight room, and that was great," said Jobe, an admitted workout warrior. "I can't wait to work with them. And Coach Trickett is the person I'll be working with the next five years. He will push me and make sure I am doing the right thing, and he'll tell me if I'm not. I like that."

Jobe plays both offensive guard and defensive tackle for La Plata, and admits that he had a better year on defense than on offense as a junior. However, in response to prodding from his coaching staff, he concentrated on improving his offensive play to become more attractive to recruiters.

"WVU was looking for offensive linemen, so that's what they looked at me as. I will be happy to be an offensive lineman there. They told me I would be a guard/center type, because I'm not quite tall enough to be a tackle. I haven't played center yet, but it's something I can do with coaching. If that's where they want me, I will adapt and get it done."

Jobe admits that the lack of offers bothered him a bit, but he realizes that it was more about La Plata, which is located 45 minutes south of Washington, D.C. and which hasn't made the playoffs in at least a decade, than it was about him.

I do think it has a lot to do the high school I am at," he said. "We haven't had a Division I recruit in ten years. The last one was maybe in 1989. Not a lot of colleges know about La Plata, so I didn't get a lot of the offers some of the other players around here did.

"A lot of schools still wanted to see senior tape, or me, but I guess they didn't see what West Virginia saw in camp," he said matter-of-factly. "Maryland didn't look at me at all, so I'm going to enjoy playing them for the next four years."


  • As a junior, Jobe had 87 tackles, 13.5 sacks and two interceptions from his defensive tackle position.

  • Despite watching WVU pound Maryland last weekend on TV, Jobe said the timing of the win was just a coincidence.

  • Jobe admitted that the commitment was "a big weight off my shoulders", and noted that he had one of his best practices of the year today after making his commitment.

    "Maybe it was pure coincidence, but I felt more free out there today," he said.

  • After completing his senior season, Jobe will wrestle for La Plata, but then turn his attention to football during the spring.

    "In the spring, I just weight train and get ready for next football season. I'll get workouts from WVU's strength coach, because I know I have to get ready. Football has been my commitment all along. Wrestling is secondary."

  • Jobe also said he plans to attend "as many WVU home games as possible" now that he has committed.

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