4/16 Football Practice Report

The Mountaineer football coaching staff postponed Monday's practice session in order to allow their bumped, banged and bruised team an extra day to recover from the previous week's work.

The team practiced five days last week, and in addition to the normal injuries to be expected from that heavy workload, also sustained a couple more crucial injuries along the offensive and defensive lines. Thus, the decision to move Monday's practice to Tuesday.

However, judging from the number of red jerseys, crutches, braces and bandages in evidence on Tuesday, the postponement might have better been a week than a day.

Along the offensive line, only nine healthy players were available, which meant that tackle Geoff Lewis was forced into duty with both the first and second teams.

Similar shortages of players at cornerback and tight end further hampered the practice, which was started and finished earlier than normal in deference to class schedules of several players.

Those players remaining did get in a good deal of seven on seven work. The offense worked primarily on team pass, as the practice was conducted in shells that limited contact.

Rasheed Marshall continued to solidify his position as the number one quarterback with a number of solid throws on the soon to be replaced turf of Mountaineer Field, while several receivers turned in good catches.

The final practice before Saturday's Gold-Blue Game is scheduled for Wednesday. Saturday's scrimmage will be conducted as an offense versus defense affair with a modified scoring system similar to the one used two seasons ago.

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