Virginia Tech Gets Pass From National Media

The almighty Virginia Polytechnic Institute continues to get a free pass from ESPN and other national media outlets as they continue to gloss over the criminal convictions of Marcus Vick, his on field behavior and now an on-campus house fire caused by a burning couch.

Just where is the national outrage? Where is the unmitigated lambasting from the ESPN talking heads that was lobbed towards the Mountaineer program after Chris Henry raised the one finger salute on his way out of Rutgers' empty football stadium in 2004? (A departure that was prompted, in part, by some of the most ugly racial abuse ever heard by Blue & Gold News staffers.)

Where is the unabashed disgust shown by ESPN toward the crowd at West Virginia over burning couches, you know, the same disgust that they once again beat into the ground with a "story" during halftime of this year's game, when a Virginia Tech fraternity burns their house to the ground?

You know where it is. It is right in the ACC's back pocket, just like the rest of the yap flappers at ESPN.

Flip off the crowd, assault an assistant coach, spike a ball off an opponent's head, provide alcohol to minor females, smoke pot…. what's next? Rob a bank?

Of course, Virginia Tech is on their way to their greatest season ever. And they are receiving large amounts of praise from the national media, and deservedly so. But just where is the consternation over the misdeeds?

Once again Virginia Tech gets to recruit like Florida State, have their players act like Florida State, but get treated like students at Harvard by the national media.

Certainly there will be stories of couch burnings in Morgantown again this season, and stories about rocking ambulances and throwing trashcans and little old ladies spitting chewing tobacco on opposing fans. Of course, when it happens at Lane Stadium, it is all just in good fun.

Personally I say good riddance to the back-stabbers at Virginia Tech. The complete lack of honor and integrity shown by the leaders at that "fine" institution causes no surprise when viewed in conjunction with the complete lack of control over the legal troubles of its football team. I'd sooner drop to 1-AA than be associated with such actions.

So here's to you Virginia Tech. Shine that Black Diamond Trophy up real nice. But know that one of these days your misdeeds will come back to haunt you, even if the national media, not to mention your own local hacks, continue to cover them up. And when retribution does come, we'll be there to watch you fall. And this time, we won't be holding out our arms to catch you like we did when the Metro gave you the gate.

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