On Campus Equals Dotted Line

Like many players who finally make the trip to West Virginia's campus, Clinton, Md., native Jacob Green found the perfect setting for his college career.

"I had done a lot of research, so I wasn't surprised by anything I saw at West Virginia, but what really got to me was the campus atmosphere, the players and the coaches," said Green, encompassing pretty much all of the environment he will be in beginning next fall. "I had driven through Morgantown before, but had never stopped there before or seen anything. But once I got there on my visit, I saw that West Virginia was the place for me, even though it was the first time I had ever been there."

Green didn't come to WVU with any preconceived notions. He said that we was not thinking that he was going to commit on his visit, but after seeing how well West Virginia fit him (and vice versa), he was ready to end the recruiting process.

"I was convinced after I visited, and I talked with my mom and my coach about it," he said. "They have been giving me advice throughout the process, so I knew what I had to consider. When I went to West Virginia, I saw all of those things. I told my coach I thought West Virginia was the best place for me, and after we talked it over, I called back and gave them my decision."

WVU laid the groundwork for the Green's commitment earlier this year, when they attended a workout session he participated in.

"After that, they started sending me mail, and they called me as soon as they were allowed in the summer contact period. They came down to see me in Florida at the AAU nationals, where I was playing with my team, the Action 70 Road Warriors, and they stayed in close contact with me ever since. My high school coach, Steve Turner, told me they were calling all the time, and after I had a meeting with Coach Beilein we set up an official visit."

And that, of course, was that, as Green, a very long player who works as hard rebounding and playing defense as he does offensively, fell in love with the Mountaineer campus.

"People say I am a good rebounder and a shot blocker, and I think I have a pretty good jump shot around the key," Green said as he evaluated his skills. "At my high school we play a similar offense to West Virginia, so I can go down low and all the way up to the top of the key and to the short corner, too."

Asked if he agreed with the opinions of his talents, Green agreed, although with some reluctance. It's not as if he doubts his abilities, but rather that he doesn't want to appear boastful. That also fits with his knowledge of his statistics, or rather his lack of knowledge, as he doesn't know how many points or rebounds he had last year. It extends to this season as well, where his sole goal for his senior season is to win his conference championship.


  • Green's AAU team played in several tournaments this summer, including a Charlie Webber event in D.C., a Five Star tournament in Connecticut and another large competition in Columbus.

  • Green hopes to pursue a career in a business field, and toward that end, has an eye on a finance or an economics major at WVU.

  • Checking in at 200 pounds, Green knows he will need to add some size and strength, but he is confident he can do it the right way.

    "I well definitely put on some weight," Green said as he considered his future in the Big East. "WVU hasn't given me a target weight or anything, but I will gain as much weight as I can without losing my stamina or quickness."

  • Green wanted to commit early, and now that he has done so, has no regrets or curiosity about what other offers might have come his way had he waited longer.

    "I had offers from George Washington and Fordham, and if I had waited, I think I would have gotten some more," said the quiet, but confident, frontcourt player. "But I am really comfortable with my decision, and I'm through with the recruiting process."

  • Green was recruited by assistant coach Jerry Dunn, who has done an excellent job with this recruiting class. He, along with Green's host Darris Nichols, put Green right at ease during the recruiting process and his official visit.

    "Coach Dunn is a really genuine guy. He's easy to talk to. Darris Nichols was my host, and he and the other players interacted well together, so you get to see how they work together, and that makes it easier to get to know them. Of course, we all have basketball in common, and they have been through the same things you have been through in terms of recruiting, so it's pretty easy to talk to them. "They tell you some about the program, but a lot of the talk is about each other and how they get along."

  • Green, whose Gonzaga team plays a similar offensive style to West Virginia, will be a power forward or center in the WVU scheme.

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