Hardesty: "No Progression of Concern"

WVU President David Hardesty indicates that there have been no major discoveries in the current internal investigation of an alleged eligibility violation in the men's basketball program.

Speaking on the MetroNews Statewide Sportsline, Hardesty said that he had talked to two different members of the committee that is conducting the investigation.

"To this point, there has been no discovery about which we are alarmed," Hardesty said of the status of the probe. "There has been no progression in our concern, and, in fact, our concerns may have been lessened somewhat."

WVU is currently conducting an internal investigation of an eligibility issue concerning a member of last year's basektball team. While the University has not named the player involved, several sources have name freshman Jonathan Hargett as the player in question. Hargett has denied any wrongdoing.

Hardesty said he plans to talk with the committee again, and wants them to be prepared to discuss the nature of their report sometime next week. He also said that he hopes WVU's formal report could be ready within 1-2 weeks.

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