Players Reaction to Beilein

All the scholarship members of the Mountaineer basketball team met with head coach John Beilein before his press conference on Thursday night.

During that meeting, Beilein said that he told his players "history is history" and that they were all starting over together.

After the meeting, the majority of the team took in Beilein's comments to the media and fans. Two players who did not were centers Chris Garnett and Ales Chan, who reportedly had prior academic commitments.

Several players did not wish to comment on Beilein's hiring or their status, but two who did included guard Jay Hewitt and forward Josh Yeager.

Hewitt indicated that he was pleased with the hiring.

"He met us and shook our hands. He's a real nice guy. He asked about the other people he had recruited for Richmond, like Josh Yeager, Tyrone Sally and me."

All three of those players received interest from Richmond, and Yeager actually took a visit to the Spiders' campus as a senior.

On the departure of Dan Dakich, Hewitt offered this opinion: "As I learn more about the NCAA situation, I thought it was just something that somebody was saying. Some rumors got started, and I think Dakich did not want to come in as a first year coach and face that. I think maybe he got scared."

Yeager, who will be a senior next year, offered some strong words about the future of the team.

We'll find out what kind of team we are, and we'll see what we can do about this 8-20 mess. I can't wait to get started with it. I think we became a team over the last few weeks, because all we had was coach Ford and a strength coach."

"We had to become a team, a family. If we played as a team last year, we would not have been 8-20. We might have been 20-8, but we chose not to do that for some reason. I will be a senior that steps up. And I am going to say something."

"We'll see what we can do about this. We hit rock bottom last year. I just hope every gets the classroom things taken care of so we can actually play."

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