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Somewhat surprisingly, Duke and Jimbo were able to get their thoughts down on paper after Saturday's wild finish in Morgantown. We half-expected them to still be celebrating.

Duke: Hello, I'm Duke

Jimbo: And I'm Jimbo.

Duke: When Louisville scored to take what appeared to be an insurmountable 24-7 lead, I asked Korpy, Trivia Boy and Jimbo to get into a circle and hold hands so we could sing "KumBaYa." The game was over. Behind us Tommy kept yelling, "Not yet Duke, not yet, you have to believe!" I was saying to myself, "Okay Tommy whatever you say, but no more apple cider for you.' Korpy then added with a straight face, "Yeah, Duke you have to believe. I once saw Roger Staubach bring the Cowboys back in this situation!" At this point I thought the whole world had gone mad. I, however, should have known better as Morgantown can get crazy when the sun goes down. In Tony Caridi's article on MSNSportsNet this week, he hit on this very theme, as magical things often happen in Morgantown when the sun goes down. And so it did with this thrilling 46-44 triple overtime victory! There should be a Mountaineer version of Kenny Chesney's song, "When the Sun Goes Down," that goes, "When the sun goes down, we'll be groovin'. When the sun goes down, we'll be feeling all right. When the sun sinks down over Morgantown, everything gets crazy when the sun goes down!"

Jimbo, we are going to discuss many great efforts by the players, but I'm going to give credit for this win to one person, Coach Rich Rodriguez. I've never seen Coach Rodriguez as animated and, yes, perhaps a little "crazy" as I did in this game. In every sideline team huddle, timeout and penalty, Coach was holding nothing back as he was getting up close and personal with everyone -- and I mean everyone. Bottom line, the team could have easily mailed this one in after a tough first half. I believe that Rich simply would not let this team lose and willed this victory from his players.

Jimbo: Duke, it was just a tremendous win! It is one of those signature wins that it was an honor to be present for. We'll speak about this comeback for many years to come. While you were watching Coach Rodriguez's "discussions" with the team, I was watching his personnel choices. Again, there was no sign of Jason Colson and Pernell Williams. Just when you thought the quarterback rotation was set, it appears that Pat White will be the starter against South Florida. This concerns me, as I still believe that Adam Bednarik should still be the starter. The team really has an advantage when Pat White comes into the game as the other team has already made some adjustments. As the Louisville defense admitted in the post game, Pat White's fresh legs were effective against their tiring legs. The way Rich Rodriguez is using Pat is similar to a middle reliever or closer in baseball. Bringing in Pat can be a difference maker in winning games!

Duke: My helmet stickers go to Michael Lorello, Pat White, Steve Slaton and Owen Schmitt. Mike nearly single-handily kept us in the game in the first half with his outstanding play. I'd love to hear ESPN's Chris Berman provide the sound effects for Owen's runs! Steve Slaton even received a helmet sticker from Coach Lou Holtz on the ESPN's GameDay for his 188 yards and Mountaineer single-game record six touchdowns. (Coach Holtz one note: it's not "University of West Virginia".)

I'll being heading down to Morgantown this week and I might be following Steve around campus playing his personal theme music (like the ING commercials). At this point, the song should probably be the Superman Theme.

Jimbo: Good call Duke, but I just can't give any individual helmet stickers to individuals this week. I could probably give 20, 40, 60, heck 85 helmet stickers to all the players that hung in there for the win. I am going to give a helmet stickers go to the fans that stuck it out. I for one was deeply upset about the first half, but if you truly drink the Kool-Aid you must BELIEVE and ride these games out.

On second thought I am going a second helmet sticker and it goes to the entire WVU football program that continued to chip away and win this game. You must always remember that there are four quarters in a game, and these guys did.

Duke: All right, Jimbo let's jump into the fan mail! We received an email this morning.

Toss Up!: How does the Louisville win rank in terms of all-time comeback Mountaineer wins?

Jimbo: For comeback victories this one ranks up there with the Boston College win in 1984 (down 20-6 at halftime, won 21-20) and the Maryland win in 1992 in which we came back from 19 to beat Maryland 34-33. Maybe that 1992 win was the jump-start for the 1993 team that went 11-0.

Duke: While this comeback win certainly ranks high, early memories are difficult to beat and I must go with the 1984 Boston College game. One of my favorite Jack Fleming calls is, "First down ten. BC with its man in motion. Casparriello to the left, back to right. Here's Flutie being chased, they're after him! Did they get him? They got him! They got him! They got him at the 27 yard line! They got him, that was Matt Smith, the linebacker! They got Flutie! They got him that time! All afternoon they have been chasing him, all afteronoon they pursued him and they got him at the 26-1/2 yard line. The first sack of the ball game!" I still get goosebumps when I hear that!

Duke: What do have for us today Trivia Boy?

Trivia Boy: I love great calls by Jack Fleming! Guys, who held the previous record for most touchdowns in a game prior to Steve Slaton's six touchdowns?

Duke: Now for the Big Finish!

Duke: Concerning the sites and sounds of Morgantown, it was just a beautiful day on all accounts. I can't recall any better day in terms of football weather. Congratulations to the new WVU Hall of Fame class. It was also special to see Coach Don Nehlen receiving hometown recognition for being elected to the College Football Hall of Fame.

Jimbo: Thumbs up to Louisville fans that have been gracious in victory and defeat. At the NCAA basketball tournament in New Mexico they won with class and sportsmanship and went out of their way to congratulate us on a great run and season. After the "Instant Classic," the Louisville faithful lost with the same class as they wished us good luck and gave us high-fives after the game. Thumbs down to West Virginia fans that left at halftime and did not return for the second half. I hope you enjoyed Tony Caridi bringing you all the action through a static filled AM channel on the ride home. On second thought, I hope your reception faded out right as the third overtime started.

Duke: For the second week in a row we really hit the opposing team's bruising back. Last week it was Brian Leonard who admitted in the post game how bruised up he was. This week, did you see 250-pound running back Michael Bush leaving the field? He's certainly sore today.

Jimbo: I think I have the trivia answer – or at least part of it. I think it was Ira "Rat" Rodgers, but I don't recall the particulars.

Trivia Boy: Good job Jimbo. Partial credit for you on this one. Ira had five touchdowns against Marietta and then the matched that with five more against Ohio Wesleyan in 1919. George Allen later scored five touchdowns against Marquette in 1932.

Jimbo: Good one Trivia Boy! Let's hope that Steve can likewise duplicate this week's effort! Trivia Boy, I've been quiet so far this year in regards to national media folks taking a rip at our beloved Mountaineers. I get the impression that media moguls do not want a school that is not in the clique of "football powers" to get the attention they deserve. The victory on Saturday was a better game that most and we still get the backseat to those other "name teams". In the NFL parity is great but at the college level parity is a four-letter word.

I have another little secret that I'm going to share with you: The Mountaineers just beat a very good Louisville in a last second thriller, but this same Louisville team was bushwhacked (45-14) by our next opponent, The University of South Florida Bulls! We need to once again load the wagons and this time the goal is to silence the blasting cannons of Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. Let's go 1 and 0 one more time!

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