Plus and Minus

While the exposure of a nationally televised weeknight game is certainly a big advantage for the Mountaineer football program, there are a couple of small drawbacks as well.

One of those difficulties comes in the area of recruiting visits, as it is obviously tougher for players to get to WVU's campus for the evening game and then home the next day for school. Prospects' football practices also contribute to the situation, as many don't get off their own fields until 5:00 p.m. or later.

Even with those challeneges, however, a handful of prospects are expected for WVU's home game with Connecticut on Wednesday.

Among those is big wide receiver Eric Arnett from Watkins Memorial High School in Ohio. At six feet five inches tall and 205 pounds, Arnett has the size to be a great target at the wideout slots.

Also expected are offensive line prospects Bob Gulley and Eric Rodemoyer, two outstanding Division 1 prospects that the Mountaineers would love to land.

The Ohio-heavy group of visitors will also include WR/CB Bryant Milligan and QB/Athlete Chris Smith.

Rounding out the anticipated group are a pair of Pennsylvania safeties -- Quindell Dean of Uniontown High and Jamal Smith of Trinity High.

A number of repeat visitors are also expected for the UConn game. Local prospects from both Morgantown High School, including Charlie Russell, Junius Lewis and Derek Long will again check out the Mountaineer game day experience.

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