Key Moment - UConn

Quarterback Pat White delivered three major blows in half a dozen plays to take key moment honors in No. 16 West Virginia's 45-13 win over Connecticut.

The redshirt freshman started his first career game and completed seven of 16 passes for 106 yards and one touchdown. But it was his ability to switch from a pure skill player to a blocker and back that sealed the game with more than 40 minutes remaining.

West Virginia (7-1, 4-0 Big East) led 21-3 and was again driving deep into UConn territory when it handed to tailback Steve Slaton on a first down.

Slaton went right, then reversed field when Connecticut's upfield push hemmed in the freshman. White saw the play cut to his side of the field, then lowered a shoulder and crushed two UConn defenders to spring Slaton for five more yards.

The block was a mental and physical sign to Connecticut and White's teammates that he was as physical and willing to hit as any player.

Two plays later he morphed into the skill athlete again, reading a designed rollout and cutting back inside to slice 14 yards through the Connecticut defense and put the Mountaineers ahead 28-3. The run showcased White's vision and acceleration and his never-say-die mentality on each snap. It was also a preview of a near-replication three plays later.

The Huskies (4-4, 1-3) had all but quit by the next series, when it half-heartedly returned a kickoff, then was intercepted by Anthony Mims two plays later. Mims' return set WVU up in Connecticut's half of the field for the eighth time in nine drives.

White took another bootleg – this time to the left – and easily cut through the defense for WVU's second score in less than one minute. The 35-3 lead was insurmountable, and it seemed as though UConn was content to simply end the quickly-developing blowout.

West Virginia had its seventh win secured with more than half the game left, and had impressed on national television. And it did so with White leading an all-freshman backfield and youth at almost every skill position.

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