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The boyus are belated, but back, after WVU's lengthy break.

Duke: Hello, I'm Duke

Jimbo: And I'm Jimbo.

Duke: Eighteen days is a long time without Mountaineer football, but I tried to fill the void. Jimbo and I went to the Syracuse-Pitt game to do a little scouting. If it weren't for Mark May (who was being honored along with the 1980 Pitt team) being in the next suite, I would have fallen asleep, as Pitt really didn't show me anything.

My family and I then went to the State College to see Purdue take on Penn State. Other than watching Head Coach Joe Paterno run out with team, it was fairly blasé. Interestingly, the Penn State Blue Band was announced as the 2005 Sudler Trophy winner during the game.

Nothing, however, really compares to sitting down in Mountaineer Field, running through Mountaineer Illustrated, watching pre-game activities, discussing players and strategies with long time Mountaineer friends, and then watching The Pride (the true award winning band) come out of the tunnels.

Having been just at State College, I'm going to make a little Penn State-West Virginia analogy. In the past 3-4 years Penn State has struggled. Why? Despite what the Monday morning recruiting quarterbacks say, Coach Paterno has recruited well during that time frame. It is now recognized that he lacked big time playmakers. Two true freshmen, Derrick Williams and Justin King, have provided them with big time playmaking ability. When watching this West Virginia team, it is becoming increasingly apparent that we have three offensive playmakers (i.e., Pat White, Steve Slaton, and Owen Schmitt) and they are making the difference for West Virginia.

Jimbo: I agree that three guys are playmakers and will hopefully have great futures. What I like most about these guys is that they do it within the team concept. Having watched Terrell Owens the past six months, some playmakers start to rise above the team and can emotionally drain and derail a team. T.O. has definitely pulled the "ME" out of "TEAM." If our three young guys continue to improve along with the "TEAM" we will not only have a great season, but a promising future. Of course we experienced the "ME" effect last season with Pacman Jones and Chris Henry, and the results speak for themselves.

Duke: Let's get to the fan mail! Fact or Fiction: Pat White will not relinquish the starting quarterback position.

Jimbo: Fact. Pat White not only will be the starter but he will bring comparisons to our beloved Major Harris in the years to come. I think highly of Adam Bednarik, but Pat gives you a little more.

Duke: Fiction. Wow! Jimbo, that is a little premature. I don't believe that this is settled by any means. I believe that Coach Rodriguez will continue to use the two-quarterback system. With the way Coach Rodriguez runs his quarterbacks we need two or perhaps even three quarterbacks.

Fact or Fiction: Florida and Virginia Tech need to shelve their new multi colored shoulder jersey.

Jimbo: Fact. Great question! What is up with all the colleges sporting new uniforms? First Virginia Tech and Florida throw together new jerseys using some scraps from around the Nike headquarters, and then West Virginia breaks in new white pants. Whatever happened to the tradition of wearing gold pants at West Virginia?

Duke: Fact! I think Gale Gatlett's black leather jacket and our old white pants are still smoldering from September, so let's throw the white pants on the pile! Jimbo, I'm with you 100%. Please seniors when you vote, no more blue-on-blue or blue-on-white. There just isn't any sense of tradition with those combinations.

Duke: What do have for us today Trivia Boy?

Trivia Boy: All right guys, I have a tough one for you today. Members of Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pi Kappa Alpha and Theta Chi crammed 65 people into a PRT car winning the annual Mountaineer Week PRT Cram competition. What is the all-time record?

Duke: Now for the Big Finish!

Duke: Congratulations to all the Mountaineer Week award winners. It is great to see all the passion for West Virginia University.

Jimbo: While we didn't give helmet stickers this week, I am giving an ESPN Tom Jackson "Jack" award this week. Pat White's block was tremendous. It showed team play as he laid it on the line with his momentum laying block.

Duke: Speaking of quarterbacks, it is always great to see former greats Marc Bulger and Jake Kelchner at the game. Jake, what happened to the mullet? Based upon Marc's conservative dress style you get the impression that he probably still drives that old Jeep from his college days.

Jimbo: Come on, Trivia Boy, how am I going to guess the correct number? That is like asking us how many Pitt students it takes to screw in a light bulb. Heck, it could take 60, 70, or 80 students? If they crammed 65 this year, I'll guess 82?

Trivia Boy: The record of 97 people was set in 2000. Truly amazing! I can't imagine 32 more students being crammed in a PRT.

Jimbo: Trivia Boy, I'm really concerned about you. I get the feeling that you may have been at the bottom of the 97 students and still are feeling the effects! But that's all right. Keep bringing them, as nobody has more useless knowledge than you.

Here is more useless knowledge; Cincinnati beat West Virginia in our last meeting (2003), 15-13. That game means nothing now, though. It is all about right now so let's load the wagons and head to the Queen City. Let's beat the Bearcats and go 1 and 0 one more time!

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