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It would seem to be a trap game, but does anyone think the pit is deep enough to swallow up the Mountaineers?

Andy Easton Last Week: W Season: 10-0
The Mountaineers travel to the Sunshine State looking to go undefeated in Big East play for the first time since 1993 while South Florida tries to redeem itself after a disappointing showing against UConn.

This WVU team is mature beyond its years and will not allow a let down after clinching the Big East championship last week. South Florida, while athletic and talented, doesnt't have the team this season to topple the Blue and Gold. Look for this to be a nice rivalry in coming years.

Pick: West Virginia 31-10
Chris Richardson Last Week: W Season: 10-0
For those of you who got to watch any of the USF-Connecticut game, I ask you this: Has there ever been a team that looked more uncomfortable in cold weather? Every player on that team was more bundled up than Randy the little brother in "A Christmas Story."

I have good news and bad news for da Bulls this week. The good news is that they won't be playing in cold weather. The bad news is they'll be playing a team that's a heck of a lot better than the UConn team that beat them last week. I understand that South Florida is unbeaten at home, but that streak will go up in flames this weekend. Pat White, Steve Slaton and company will continue their recent dominance. Look for free safety Jahmile Addae to have a big game in his hometown. The Mountaineers win this one easily.

Pick: West Virginia 38-10
Greg Hunter Last Week: W Season: 10-0
WVU must keep the Bulls from hitting big pass plays and, more importantly, hold USF RB Andre Hall in check. That's how USF knocked off Louisville, but the Bulls' strengths seem to be in areas where WVU is also strong. WVU wants to head to the BCS bowl riding a six-game win streak.
Pick: West Virginia 31-17
Cam Huffman Last Week: W Season: 10-0
This is where the Mountaineers will finally slip up. With the BCS bowl and the Big East title clinched, WVU will not be ready for the Bulls, who will be out to prove that they are indeed legit after their choke-job at Connecticut. South Florida is a much better team at home, and a bull can protect its house much better than a turtle. USF takes control early and cruises to a 31-19 win.

If you believe what you just read, than I have a ticket to sell you to watch WVU play Tennessee in the Fiesta Bowl. Folks, it is just not going to happen. This Mountaineer team has not overlooked anybody on its schedule, it has not fallen into any of the supposed trap games and it does have plenty of motivation on the line. Nobody wants to limp into the Sugar Bowl off a loss, and they will not let it happen. White, Slaton and Schmitt will all have big days, and the WVU defense will feast off of a USF offense that they have seen all year in practice

Pick: West Virginia 34-13
Chuck McGill Last Week: W Season: 10-0
There are a plethora of questions surrounding this game. Will West Virginia have a letdown since it has locked up the Big East and BCS bid? Will USF come out with the same fire and intensity as it would have with the aforementioned conference title on the line? Will fans boo if the Mountaineers rush for 750 yards, win by 50 points and throw 10 passes?

I'll say no to the first question, and yes to the last two. Both teams still have plenty to play for, as both teams will play the game as if it were played on October 22.

USF has plenty of offensive weapons to give WVU fits and keep the defense on the field, which is good, considering the Bull defense will need a couple extra defenders to contain Pat White and Steve Slaton. In the end, WVU will hang on, win in a shootout and clinch that coveted 10-win season. Heck, you may even see 100 yards passing, and everything will be happy.

Pick: West Virginia 37-30
Jane Donovan Last Week: W Season: 9-1
If this year's edition of the WVU football team were to have a theme song, it would have to be "Taking Care of Business." This has got to be the most focused, down to earth, cool-as-a-cucumber bunch to wear the blue and gold in some time. Yes, the big stakes tension has been taken out of this game since we already won the Big East and the BCS berth, but that won't matter. Lorello, Addae, and Mozes will keep anyone from looking over their shoulders to the Sugar Bowl. Their calm leadership has played a crucial role all season, and they won't let go now. White and Slayton put on another big show, and the Florida guys show their friends and family what they've been up to all this time.
Pick: West Virginia 31-14
Bill Gleason Last Week: W Season:9-1
The Mountaineers roll into Tampa having clinched the Big East title riding a wave of momentum hardly expected at the beginning of the season.South Florida comes back to town having been slapped from Cinderella's perch by UConn in the chilly northeast.

West Virginia's rushing offense and defense will prove much too staunch for the Bulls, despite their wealth of talent. If there was ever a team that West Virginia was built to defeat it was South Florida, if for no other reason than South Florida runs WVU's offense closer than anyone in America.

The week leading up to the game takes the burden from the scout team to provide the skill necessary to test the defense and puts the onus on the first team offense. West Virginia will bring the same focus and attitude to Raymond James Stadium that they've brought to every other stadium they've visited on the way to an undefeated road schedule in 2005. South Florida falls back into the pack and tries to recover for their Meineke Car Care Bowl berth.

Pick: West Virginia 49-17
Matt Keller Last Week: W Season: 8-2
Matt lets his girlfriend have his final pick of the regular season:

WVU is good at running the ball and they should not pass, like the people who sat behind me during the Pitt game kept screaming to do. The defense should be able to stop Andre Hall. He can't get to the second level if West Virginia can win the up front battle. It will be a big weather change from the Pitt game, but I am sure Rich Rod has them conditioned well. Pat White can run well, and should lead the offense to a big day.

Pick: West Virginia 35-21

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