Collins Displays Point Guard Demeanor

Throughout our conversation with WVU basketball signee Jarmon Collins, the Houston native displayed thoughtfulness and calm -- vital attributes for a first year player in the rugged Big East Conference.

Collins, who answers questions with "yes sir" and "no sir", appears to have the even handed demeanor that coaches would love to have in a point guard. Although the solidly built player (5-11, 185) will have to prove it in the tough environments of the Big East Conference, his comments show a level of maturity that should stand him well as he embarks on his career at WVU.

"I can do pretty much whatever the team needs me to do," Collins said from his Houston home. "If they need me to drive, or to score, or handle the ball, I'm fine with that. I just want to do what it takes in order for us to win."

Collins knows that he will be joining a team with two point guards who have already played a year in college in the form of Jonathan Hargett and Tim Lyles, but that doesn't faze him. In fact, he says he's looking forward to playing on the same team and competing with them.

"Hopefully, we can make each other better. I haven't gotten the chance to play with them yet, but I'm looking forward to it."

Collins path to West Virginia was a bit circuitous, but he's just the latest Texas athlete to make the trip to WVU. The football squad, in particular, has made a commitment to recruiting the Lone Star State, while the basketball team has also had it's share of Texans, including power forward Marcus Goree.

"I first heard about West Virginia when I played in the Coal Classic in high school," said Collins of the Charleston-based basektball tournament. I really liked it there.

"Then, Coach Catlett talked to me some when I was at Redemption Christian, but not a whole lot came of it. I canme back home to Houston, and that's when I met Coach Beilein.

"I felt like I had known Coach Beilein for a long time after we talked. He just has a way of communicating with you that makes you feel comfortable."

Beilein, in addition to making an excellent impression with Collins, also talked with several of the coaches who had seen him play, and reportedly got good endorsements.

"I know Coach Beilein talked with Fork Union's coach (Fletcher Arritt)," Collins recounted. We played Fork Union and I had a good game against them. Coach also got some tapes, and after watching those he offered me the scholarship."

Collins, who had visited Long Beach State and was also considering Freson State and Utah, among others, plans to work out in Houston until July, when he'll head for WVU and enroll in summer school to get a head start on his academic life. One of Collins' workout mates if former Kentucky star point guard Dirk Minniefield, who works in the Houston area.

Collins recently sprained an ankle, but he says he is working hard to get it back into shape. He could play on a junior national team or in an All-Star game this summer if a spot opens and his ankle heals in time.

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