Work Continues on Football Projects

The second and final phase of renovations to the Puskar Center, home of West Virginia's football program, are firming up.

Three major uncompleted renovations, including the replacement of turf in the Caperton Indoor Facility, the renovation of the Thomas Room overlooking Mountaineer Field, and the creation of the Donald J. Brohard Hall of Traditions could all be completed within the next 12 months, according to WVU officials.

Of the three, the Hall of Traditions project is the most attractive, as it will provide Mountaineer fans as well as potential recruits the chance to relive West Virginia's proud football history.

Conceptual drawings of the Hall of Traditions

"Through the generous support of the friends and family of Donald J. Brohard, we should be able to complete the Hall of Traditions prior to the beginning of next football season," said Whit Babcock, executive director of the Mountaineer Athletic Club. "Mr. Brohard was a major contributor to WVU, and when he recently passed away his friends and family made sure that he would continue to be a part of WVU. He was a good fan."

The Brohard Hall of Traditions won't be a traditional hall of fame display, but will instead encompass a number of different formats and presentation mediums to provide several different windows into the West Virginia football experience.

"We have a shopping list of categories that we are looking at," said Russ Sharp, Associate Athletic Director for Finance and Administration. "Some of the things we are looking at highlighting are great teams and individual players, especially those that earned All-American or All-conference honors, national Hall of Fame members, past head coaches, and our bowl games. We'll also emphasize our Big East ties and traditions, because this can be a recruiting tool as well as something that's open to the general public.

"We'll also have some type of mini-theater and interactive displays where people can watch short videos and presentations about the Mountaineer program," Sharp continued. "We want to make sure the Hall evokes the game day atmosphere as much as possible, so that anyone who sees it can get an idea of what the WVU program is all about."

Also planned for inclusion are several changeable displays, so the experience will not be a static one. The Brohard Hall will be capable of being easily updated over time, so as to always reflect the latest accomplishments of the team. Preliminary work on the Hall, which will be located in an area adjacent to the Thomas Room on the top floor of the Puskar Center, could begin as early as January, 2006. The cost of the Hall, which is already funded and included in the budget of Phase 2, will be approximately $200,000.

In addition to the Hall of Traditions, additional updating to the Thomas Room and other areas of the Puskar Center will also be completed over the next year. These updates will bring those areas into line with the recent renovations conducted in other areas in the Puskar Center, and will provide a consistent look to the entire interior of the building.

"The only way we are able to do projects is this because of our donors stepping up to the plate," Babcock said. "We want to thank them for their continued support."

Images courtesy WVU

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