Friday Practice Report

Rich Rodriguez was in a jovial mood following West Virginia's two-hour practice Friday, quipping about WVU fans, beer consumption, the student body and all-you-can-eat cheesecake.

On today's drills, on a sunny, 55-degree day at Westminster Academy:

"It was a pretty good practice, a typical Wednesday deal for us. The concentration and focus were outstanding. We went for 25 minutes on about everything. We worked on pass skeleton drills, special teams, a lot of scout team events. We just went in a helmet and vest.

"We don't practice long, but we practice fast. We have had fast practices in preparation. We try to build intensity in practice to build for the bowl game."

On his players' dining experiences at a $40 all-you-can-eat steakhouse, which Dan Mozes said was far superior to Outback Steakhouse the players ate at for the Gator Bowl:

"I knew they would eat very well. We told them this morning that we had to burn a few more calories. I knew there would be all-you-could-eat beef. I didn't know there was all-you-could-eat cheesecake. That was bad. We weighed them in today to make sure they didn't go overboard."

On injuries and a team virus:

"Jeremy Bruce still has not taken a snap, and so probably won't play. Jason Colson is still limping around out there. Ernest Hunter and Johnny Dingle didn't practice because they have been sick for the past few days. There are some others with a stomach virus. Brandon Barrett will see his most significant action at slot receiver. He'll be the fourth when we go four-wide."

On the Big East and bowls, a question he has seemingly had to answer at every media session since the Pitt game:

"A lot has been said because too much has been said. For people to put that kind of stigma on a game is ridiculous. You don't do that with any other league's bowl games. Why with us? Because some teams chose to leave, that's why. Good or bad, that won't be decided in one year."

On WVU's fan support, which he expects to be near 30,000:

"I said our fans would make it on a six pack and a tank of gas. Jacksonville is about two tanks and a case. Atlanta is somewhere in between. So our fans will fill-up when they get here, on both. Hopefully they won't fill up on the way down or back, but they'll fill up. Most people said they would be here Saturday. It'll get rowdy around here."

On his attending the Peach Bowl as a fan upon receiving free tickets for his entire team from the University of Miami – which could not sell its entire allotment:

"Now I can sit back and say things like ‘What the heck are you doing, coach?' It'll be fun. I asked all of our players if they'd like to go, and all of them raised their hands. I am glad. It will be a good experience. Plus we have an agenda in seeing it a bit."

On Pat White:

"Adam Bednarik got nicked up some, then nicked up some more with a foot sprain. When he was out for a month, Pat White just took off. I have great respect for Adam Bednarik, but Pat White is clearly the starter. In 20-some years of college coaching, I have never had two quarterbacks hurt in one game. I don't want to jinx us. That said, Dewayne Thompson will be the third-string quarterback. I might have him take some exchanges just in case. He has not taken a snap since he moved to wide receiver. I will not pull a redshirt on some of our other guys for this.

The scariest quarterback game I eve had was against Boston College (in 2003). We had just one quarterback after Rasheed Marshall was injured. I said then that I would never go into a season without three or four. Well, we did have another. We had a student. You know those student tryouts we have? It's like six in the morning and we just bring the student body out and torture them for an hour and see who survives that, which one pukes the least. Well, this kid survived it, puked the least, and we brought him in. I didn't know his name, and he might not have known mine."

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