Visit Yields New Contender

A pass rushing defensive end has two teams under consideration after making his final visit of the recruiting season.

Defensie end Marcus Broxie's recruiting visit this weekend "opened my eyes about West Virginia."

"It's not as as country as I thought it wasm" said Broxie with a laugh as he talked about his trip to WVU this weekend. "It is very up to date. They lover their Mountaineers in that town, that's for sure."

Broxie, who classified himself as a "soft verbal" to North Carolina State before the trip, said that he now has a tough decision to make.

"I am going to have to do some thinking about my decision," he said. "It will be either West Virginia or N.C. State, but I will have to sit down and talk it over with my parents. I really don't know yet which one it will be."

Broxie's father accompanied him on his trip to WVU, while his mother went with him to Raleigh. He values thier input, and reiterated that he will listen to their opinions before making his decision.

"They tell me it is up to me, but I want their opinion," he said. "This is my first big decision, and I want to involve them."

Broxie, who speaks well and shows a remakable maturity as he discusses the recruiting process, said he was happy that he decided to take a visit to West Virginia.

"That was the first time I have ever been to the state, and I am happy I went. They have a clean program there. Coach Rod knows what he's doing, and has some great assistant coaches. The players are very close there, too. It is a good program and I was happy with my visit."

Broxie will likely take this week before announcing his decision, which isn't surprising given the thoughtful way in which he answers the simplest of questions. He plans to consider everything about both schools before making his choice.

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