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Comments and information from West Virginia's press conference on the class of 2006 football recruits.

West Virginia signed 15 players, counting late addition Greg Davis. Here's a read on the thoughts and feelings from the Puskar Center. WVU tight end coach and recruiting coordinator Herb Hand – "We had needs and we did a good job of addressing those needs. We could probably still use a tackle, maybe one more corner. But we needed lineman and got those, got cornerbacks, got wide receivers. So we'll see. But we're pleased."

Head coach Rich Rodriguez quotes –

On signing just 15 players:

"This is the smallest class I ever remember being a part of. I like the quality and I think we have met our needs. I like the character and temperament of our young men. But the Sugar Bowl win will really help us more next year. There might have been only a few that we were on hard that it might have swayed.

"You get lied to a lot in recruiting, and none of these guys lied to us. I like that. Players lie, coaches lie. That's the nature of the business, unfortunately. Our coaches don't lie, but some do.

"We might add one to two that did not sign today, and a few others that might qualify. We had a small senior class, so we really had to concentrate on needs by position. We have the type of guys that fit what we are trying to do at West Virginia. Our major need was corners and wide receivers and linemen."

On the star ratings several sites use:

"Some of the four and five star guys are great and can't-miss. They go on to successes. Some can't play dead in a western. A guy commits to USC, and he automatically gets another star. He goes to the MAC, he drops to two stars, I think that's the lowest. Those recruiting rankings don‘t get you a first down."

On there being no in-state players:

"This year as not been as good in-state. There were players, but none at our positions of need. I have said this a million times. If there is an in-state kid who can help us compete and win Big East championships and he is as good academically and all that, I'd much rather take the in-state kid. I know his town, I know he won't get homesick. But they have to play at a high, high level and they have to fit us and what we're trying to do."

On individual players –

CB Boogie Allen: "He should be up here for both sessions of summer school. He is a really talented guy. We just call him Boogie. It's a lot easier. He has great athletic ability."

Gus Scott is his brother. Scott played at Florida and is now a NFL player for the Patriots.

OL Derek Hayes: "He is a very good athlete. He's another one of those 300-pounders that moves like he is 265. We like that up front. Jake Miller is another like that. He looks like he is 265 because of his height.

OL Eric Jobe: "He reminds a lot of people of Dan Mozes. He comes from a good program and is very athletic."

WR Wes Lyons: "He's one of those tall receivers we like so much. He gives us a chance to have that tall wideout outside. He has a huge upside."

LB J.T.Thomas: "He has been coming to camp since he was in eighth grade because his dad (J.T. Sr, also a linebacker) played at West Virginia. Hopefully he will get even bigger than daddy."

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