Signee Update: Jacob Green

Frontliner Jacob Green enjoys watching his future team at every opportunity.

"I get to watch West Virginia a lot," said Green, who signed with the Mountaineers during the early November period and will join the team next year. "I think it is exciting watching them play. It is not like it's something I have to do, either. I enjoy watching them play."

Green, who now stands 6-9 and weighs 210 pounds, will likely get a change to make a dent on the WVU rotation next fall. With Frank Young being the only forward with any appreciable playing time returning, Green will certainly have the chance to earn minutes on the floor. He will likely battle returnee Joe Alexander for time on the front line, and will probably be counted on to provide, at a minimum, several stints per game.

With that in mind, Green watches his future teammates with an eye toward the future.

"I do think about how I would fit in and what I might be doing there," the thoughtful, soft-spoken senior admitted. "Coach Beilein has told me specifically where I might be playing, but I think the plans are for me to be a four."

One advantage for Green is that his Gonzaga College High School team runs a similar offense to that of the Mountaineers. And while he's not an accomplished outside perimeter shooter yet, he is comfortable from one spot on the floor.

"The top of the key is where I am most consistent," said Green of his favorite shooting position. "In our offense, I don't get to the wing or corner much, so I'm probably not as confident shooting the ball from there. But around the key, I feel very comfortable."

Green, who is averaging approximately 13 points, seven rebounds and three blocks per game, is quite analytical when discussing his own game. With equal ease, he notes those areas he has improved upon since the start of the season (moving without the ball, shooting, playing help side defense) and those items he needs to work on.

"I want to work on my strength and stamina," Green said without hesitation. "It is kind of hard to do that during the season. You do get some endurance work just by playing games, but getting to the weight room and putting in that kind of work is difficult to do during the year.

"I need to work on my ballhandling some more, too," he added, with an eye toward the ball skills required of every position on the Mountaineer roster. "I will work on that a lot more once the season is over."

Like most incoming freshmen, Green plans to enroll at WVU for summer school and get a head start on his college career. At that time, he will get a crash course in strength work while also getting a quick immersion in the John Beilein system. That time will be critical for him as he works to pick up as much of the offense and defense as he can before full practice sessions begin next fall.

In the meantime, Green stays in contact with WVU's coaches on a weekly basis. Even though he has already signed his letter of intent, the athletic forward talks with the staff often.

"We talk about different things," said Green, dispelling the notion that coaches are on a single track (basketball) when talking with recruits. "We talk about basketball and how I'm doing, but they also ask about my family, and we talk about how school is going. It's a mix."


Green's team is a mix of experience (three senior starters) and inexperience (two sophomores), but the conglomeration isn't quite as seasoned as it might first appear. The three senior starts are the only 12th graders on the team, and one of those did not start a year ago. Thus, Gonzaga has been inconsistent, compiling an 11-12 record to this point.

"I still think we can go far in the playoffs, said Green. "There are ten teams in our league (Washington Catholic Athletic Conference). Right now, we are in the middle of the pack, and we want to stay out of the play-in games that determine the last two tournament spots. The winner of our league plays in the city title game against the public school league champion."

* * *

Green hopes to find a clear spot on his schedule to attend one of WVU's final games in Morgantown, but already has one date filled in on his schedule.

"I will definitely be at the Georgetown game this weekend," he said.

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