Rodriguez Ruminations III

A collection of odds and ends on players, schemes, and battles at key slots.

Rodriguez –

On the defense knowing what the offense is doing, and vice-versa: "I don't know if they know what we are doing. They see it all the time, which probably helps. What is tough is that our defense is giving us certain looks on offense, and it is no holds barred. I don't say that the defense can only run these fronts or tell the defense the offense can only do this. A lot of times you script situations so each side can have success. We have not done that, and we won't."

On the battle at the free safety position between Quinton Andrews and Abraham Jones: "I thought both of our safeties, Quinton Andrews and Ham Jones, did some good things today. Quinton is going to have a chance to play a lot of football. He is a very physical guy. The thing I like about him, his best attribute, is that he has a feel for the game. Some guys just understand football. They understand angles and plays. Quinton is a guy that understands football.

On Andrews, who made several big plays in the scrimmage and is a very physical player: "I don't pay much attention to who is hitting who. But the one part about Quinton we have seen is that he is not shy about putting his face on you. I would hope that anybody would do that. If we have anybody who is shy about doing that, I don't think they belong in the program. Quinton is one who can bring it a little bit. He understands leverage. I think he likes hitting. Some guys do it because they have to do it. Some guys really like doing it and I think he really likes doing it. I wish they all did. I am looking for anybody in white (offense) that likes to do it.

On the play of his young quarterbacks in Saturday's poor offensive showing: "They got some talent. I saw a couple good passes in individual. That's about it."

On bandit/spur Eric Wicks: "He still has some things he can help us with, but Eric Wicks should be one of the best safeties in the Big East."

On defensive end Johnny Dingle: "Johnny has had a good spring. He is one of our fastest D-linemen. He will play a lot better than he did last year. He was a rookie. He has got some speed and quickness of the edge and he has to understand using what skills he has to his advantage. He didn't do that all the time last year."

On if he is worried about the offensive tackles after the departure of Chris Bassler: "Yeah, a little bit. I think Jake Figner has had a pretty solid spring. Damien Crissey has done some good things at the other tackle. But we still don't know who is going to be the starters yet. That will still develop a bit.

And, perhaps the line of the day, on 6-5, 290 pound junior defensive lineman Andrae Wright: "He is not a young guy anymore. I think he is 22, 23. He greyshirted, then he redshirted. He is all out of shirts now. Now he is in the blue shirt. He has been a guy that has worked extremely hard. I am talking about a guy that has as much passion for lifting weights and trying to get better as anybody. He eats more than 10 men, so he ought to have some size to him, and strength. But he loves playing ands he likes all the things it entails, being a college football player. Hopefully he can keep progressing.

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