Pastilong Comments On Investigation

WVU Athletic Director Ed Pastilong answered questions concerning the release of WVU's basketball investigation report on Friday afternoon.

WVU submitted their report to the Committee on Infractions on Thursday, June 20th, and will now wait to hear the results of their report. The NCAA could accept the report as is or request that additional investigation take place.

Of foremost consideration to most Mountaineer fans, Pastilong believes that the violations committed by three incoming players to the WVU program in June of 2001 are minor in nature, and will not result in any NCAA sanctions. However, such penalties have been levied in the past, and the final determination will be up to the NCAA.

Before regaining eligibility, the three players will, at a minimum, have to repay the value of those benefits. Pastilong noted that the amount will be set by the NCAA, and may not be a large figure. Pastilong cited an example that lodging in a dormitory could be assessed at the rate of $4 per night, stressing that was only an estimation.

Pastilong noted that the law firm retained by WVU recommended that the "mentor" in the be report remain unidentified by name as well.

"We want to stress that this "mentor" had no relationship with West Virginia University," Pastilong said.

As the events in question took place under the tenure of previous head coach Gale Catlett, Pastilong said that Catlett and the entire coaching staff were interviewed during the investigation, and praised their involvement and cooperation. In response to a follow up question about the events that led to Catlett's departure, Pastilong said he did not believe that the incidents covered in the report contributed to Catlett's decision to retire.

Pastilong was confident that every question was asked during the investigation, despite the realitve shortness of the report that was submitted to the NCAA.

"This inquiry was done so thoroughly and objectively that it confirms WVU will play by the rules. We looked under every stone. We want to play by the rules and we are going to play by the rules," Pastilong noted.

In repsonse to another question, Pastilong said that WVU will not take any action against the "mentor", dspite some recent legislation concerning the rights of schools and players to seek damages against those causing harm.

Pastilong did not have an exact dollar amount on the total cost of the investigation, but admitted that it will be a "significant figure". Pastilong also reiterated that "the expenditure will be well worth it" in showing WVU's commitment to following NCAA rules.

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