Hales Ready To Learn

Incoming quarterback Charles Hales is preparing for a summer and fall of on the job training with incumbent Rasheed Marshall.

Hales, who recently came to West Virginia for the summer, says that he's ready to begin soaking up the Mountaineer system.

"I'm just going to stay in Rasheed's hip pocket and learn everything I can," the articulate Hales said of his summer plans. "I'll probably make one trip home, but other than that, I'll be here (in Morgantown) the whole time."

Getting a head start over the summer is certainly an admirable goal, but in reality, how much can a player learn without the coaches around? Hales believes the answer is "a lot".

"Rasheed is a great guy, He's been here, and he knows the system, so there's something you can pick up every day."

If there is one position that can benefit from offseason work more than any other, it's probably quarterback. Signalcallers have so much mental preparation to make that every bit of time can be of benefit if used correctly. That shouldn't be a problem for Hales, who displays the maturity and confidence of a three year veteran.

Hales spent only one season at Jones County Junior College in Mississippi, where he led the team to the juco state championship. In that time, however, he learned many lessons that he feels prepared him for major college football. The most important of them, however, were off the field.

"I did a lot of growing up and gained maturity off the field. I went home early rather than going out and partying. A lot of people need to go through that process. I wanted to jump right in to a University, but I wouldn't have been ready if I didn't go through juco. I learned a lot there."

Hales wasn't aware that Rasheed Marshall also had a year of post graduate experience as a prep school player, but upon learning that didn't express much surpise. He sees many of the same maturity attributes in the multi-talented Marshall that he learned at Jones County.

"There's a lot of things tht you have to learn about off the field in terms of maturity that you can bring on to the field," Hales analyzed. "Once you take care of those things, then you can win."

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