No Comment

John Beilein preaches consistency on and off the court, and he displays that trait himself when asked about reports linking his name to other coaching positions.

Beilein, who appears to be a candidate for the North Carolina State job, routinely and effectively replies, "no comment" when asked about his career.

"It's so difficult to comment on that stuff, because do you comment every time there's an opening around the country?" he asked prior to the Mountaineer Athletic Club dinner in Charleston on Monday evening. "This is a very personal thing to me. It's my career, so I never comment, whether there's truth or no truth. It just doesn't make sense."

Of course, Beilein could save a lot of people a lot of trouble by at least dispelling rumors which aren't accurate, but even that treads across a line that the veteran coach has set. Perhaps he believes if he did that, he would also, by the process of elimination, be confirming those rumors which he did not comment on.

West Virginia still has not been contacted by North Carolina State to ask permission to speak with Beilein, but that is not a requirement. Many schools, in dealing with a coach's agent or lawyer in the initial stages of a coaching search, do not make that contact until later in the process. Therefore, the absence of such a request isn't a good indicator of the level of interest a school has in a particular candidate.

Although Beilein answered questions in an upbeat manner, it's clear that the process might be wearing on him a bit.

"It's been a long year, but I think people understand it," he said. "I'm looking forward to the Big East meetings, when [my wife] Kathleen and I can get away and we can just talk basketball with the guys."

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