McCann Ready For First Look

There were several teams that Dee McCann thought he might be selected by in Sunday's NFL Draft, but the Detroit Lions weren't one of them.

"It was a surprise," said McCann, who was watching the draft from his living room on Sunday. "My phone rang, and it was Detroit, and they asked me if I wanted to be a Lion. I had never talked to them, and I never thought they would be the team that drafted me. Pittsburgh, New England, Atlanta and Miami were some of the teams that had been calling and looking at me, so it was a surprise to hear Detroit on the line."

Of course, McCann wasn't unhappy at all to be selected by the Lions, who have something of a tie with West Virginia University. Detroit drafted Barrett Green and James Davis in recent seasons, and had Avon Cobourne on its roster in 2003. Center Mike Compton played the first eight years of his NFL career in the Motor City as well.

"I talked with a scout first, then talked with the head coach and the defensive backs coach," said McCann of his conversation before his name came across the screen. "They didn't say why they drafted me – they just told be to be prepared for a fast pace and hard work, and I told them I would. They asked me about Avon, but he was gone before I got here."

Step one in McCann's shot at the NFL begins less than a week from now, when he departs for a mini-camp.

"I leave Thursday for a mini-camp over the weekend," said McCann, who was obviously excited over the prospect. "I'm not sure what to expect, but I know I have to go and bust my tail now. It's a whole ‘nother level than college, because one day you might be in and the next day you might be out."

Even though he has just a few days before the mini-camp, McCann plans to take advantage of every possible moment before he leaves to make his first impression on his prospective employer.

"I'll keep working out between now and then," said McCann. "They just talked to me about cornerback, but I will play whatever they want me play. I can play safety, no problem, so whatever they ask me to do, I'll do."

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