Feeling Drafty

It seemed a sure bet that WVU would get a player in Wednesday night's NBA draft, but the vagaries of the pro teams' outlook kept both Kevin Pittsnogle and Mike Gansey from getting the call they were hoping for.

As the picks wound down in the second round of the draft, several teams seemed to offer good spots for the Mountaineer alumni. However, Charlotte (50th), the Los Angeles Clippers (52, New Jersey (54), Cleveland (42, 55), Minnesota (57), Dallas (58) and Detroit (60), all took guards or centers from other squads.

Also hurting the Mountaineer duo was the developmental nature of the second round, in which many foreign players are picked and stashed overseas for seasoning. In all, nine of the last 18 players selected hail from foreign countries, and many of those will likely play in Europe for at least another year or two to develop their games.

Pittsnogle and Gansey will now look to make the best of the disappointing development by working to sign free agent contracts. Summer league play could also be in both players' future.

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