Moving On

It's not much of surprise to find former West Virginia University linebacker Grant Wiley staying in touch with football in any manner possible. After two shoulder surgeries ended his NFL dreams, Wiley has turned his attention to helping young players learn some of the lessons he picked up during his outstanding career.

Wiley hopes to pass along some of his accumulated knowledge at a football camp in Bridgeport, W. Va. on Friday and Saturday, July 14-15, at Wayne Jemison Stadium. At the camp, Wiley, along with several instructors familiar to state football fans, will conduct a camp that's a bit out of the ordinary. Rather than breaking up for position specific drills, Wiley will demonstrate and instruct everyone in the session on the same items.

"It's different than the conventional camp," Wiley told "It's based on teaching techniques on how to make plays on the field. We'll give the same instruction to everyone, and teach him how to be a better player. We'll concentrate on the mental aspects as well. We want them to learn how to get in position to make plays, and what to do when they get there.

"For example, I made up for some of my inabilities by having a mental edge – by knowing what to do and where to go," he continued. "That was important for me, and can help anyone on the field."

Wiley has assembled a familiar cast to assist at his camp.

"Guys like Angel Estrada, who's a star in Arena League, Quincy Wilson, who is emerging in the NFL, and Adam Lehnortt who was an All-Big East player – they are all going to be there," Wiley said. "These guys have excelled on all different levels and they are guys these kids in the state grew up watching. I think that will be good – the kids should realize they can learn from us, because they watched us going through all the same things on the field."

It's not just name recognition, however, that Wiley was looking for when he called on his college teammates.

"All of these guys are people that I love and trust," Wiley noted. "They are the people that I keep in touch with. These are some of my closest friends in life. I know they are going to do a good job. And we think we will be able to give these kids a world of knowledge."

In addition to the camp, Wiley has been working at the Lightning Fast Training Facilities in Pottstown, Penn., which is just a few miles from his hometown of Trappe. Along with facility owner Johnny Carlisle, Wiley works with all age groups, from youth to professionals such as Brian Westbrook, and helps design individual workouts for each client to maximize their performance. He is also taking the plunge into football specific training, having begun the Grant Wiley School of Football there. He is conducting individual workouts with players there, and hopes to continue to develop that business.


The football camp in Bridgeport camp has two sessions – Friday and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to noon, and Friday and Saturday from 2:00 4:00 p.m. Campers can choose either the morning or the afternoon sessions. The camp, which is open to boys ages 7-18, is $80 per person.

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Carlisle's brother, Duane, is also a highly-regarded strength and conditioning coach. He is currently an assistant with the NFL's San Francisco 49ers, and works with WVU alumnus Rasheed Marshall.

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