Feeling Lucky

West Virginia head football coach Rich Rodriguez noted that luck plays a role in determining the fate of any team. While that luck can play out in several different parts of the game, WVU has a good start in one area as it prepares for fall camp.

The place where West Virginia has gotten some breaks so far? The injury front. Rodriguez emphasized that a big part of West Virginia's success the past few years has been the fact that injuries haven't struck in numbers or bunches too great to overcome, and so far that good fortune has been holding. The sixth-year head coach emphatically said, "There's nobody out" when asked for the health status of his team -- something that couldn't be said in past years.

Of course, Rodriguez was not including quarterback Adam Bednarik, who had shoulder surger this summer and whose football future is in jeopardy. However, of those players who participated in spring drills and summer workouts, the anticipated readiness rate for fall camp is 100%.

Rodriguez ran down the list of Mountaineers injured in the spring and their progress to date.

Mortty Ivy: "Mortty Ivy is really amazing. It used to be you tore an ACL you were out (Ivy tore his during spring practice.) Mortty is probably 85% right now. We think he will probably be let go full for camp. We won't know for sure until (trainer) Dave Kerns does testing next week. But he's been doing almost everything during summer workouts."

Brandon Myles, who had arthroscopic surgery over the summer, and participated in conditioning drills with a flexible brace on his knee: "Brandon had a scope on his knee and is back to 100%."

Rayshawn Bolden and Brad Palmer, who both sat out all of spring drills, are also back in the groove.

"Rayshawn Bolden is back to doing everything full speed, and Brad Palmer is back too."

Adam Bednarik: "It's still iffy if he can ever come back. He can't even throw a football until November. I think he will apply for a sixth year, but I don't know if he will get it or not."

Bednarik will still work out and attempt to rehabilitate his shoulder, however.

"He is still working and and training, and he is still a part of the team," said Rodriguez of Bednarik. "He can still help us, and he knows the system. I think he can help with the growth of our young quarterbacks."

Of course, a couple of injuries along the offensive line or in the defensive secondary would throw this rosy outlook into the dumper, but for now WVU's luck -- something that can't be predicted -- is holding steady.

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