Mozes Ready to Battle for Playing Time

Incoming freshman guard Dan Mozes is eyeing possible playing time this fall as he prepares to report to West Virginia for fall football camp.

"Coach Trickett told me to be ready to go, and I'll probably get a chance to battle for a second team guard position this fall," Mozes said after last week's Big 33 All Star game. "I'm looking forward to that. If they're not going to redshirt me, then I'm ready to go down and start lifting and fight for the job."

Like any freshman, Mozes will face a culture shock when he reports to fall camp, but he believes he is "about ready" to come in and begin competing.

"I do have a lot more things, techniquewise, that I can get better at. Hopefully I can learn from the guys down there and get myself ready for that position.

"I think once I get the playbook down I will be ok. I know some of the guys down there, and I've made some friends down there. I'm ready to go.

"My best asset is pass blocking. Going against the best guys from Ohio, I really don't think any of those guys can get past me. I did pretty good tonight.

"The guys ahead of me right now, at West Virginia, have a major advantage. I think they are better than me, but hopefully I come down there and get better, then be ready to compete."

At 6-3 and 285 pounds, Mozes already has the size necessary to compete with the big boys up front. He says that he has been working all summer to get a jump on the competition.

"I have been going down to WVU everyday," Mozes explained. "I went to the beach for a week, and took this week off, but I have been lifting religiously. As soon as I get back I will take a little break until next week, then go again until I report August 4."

Mozes also believes that the six WVU freshmen from the Big 33 contest forged some new friendships that will help them through their careers at WVU.

"It was a good thing to come to the Big 33 game, because I got to meet all the guys. I knew Jermaine (Moye) and Rachid (Stoury) from before, but this week we all got a chance to bond together. I think Rachid and I became really good friends this week."

Of course, it wasn't all fun and friendship. Mozes' Pennsylvania squad was determined to extend their winning streak to three, which they did with surprising ease.

"They (Ohio) were bigger, definitely, but we went out there and showed what we could do to those guys.

"We were real good. Everyday we went in full pads and everything, and they went in shorts and helmets. It caught up to them, and we knew it would. We knew it would pay off. We came out and started hitting them. I think we out-conditioned them. They were more tired than us.

"I went against Roman Fry. He's going to Clemson. He's pretty good, but I gave him a run for his money, I think.

"This is a good head start for us. We can compare how we are against other guys supposedly on the same level. Now we know how far we have to go to get to the next level.

Mozes also mentioned a couple of current Mountainers who he believes will be leaders on this year's squad.

"I talked with Grant Wiley (a former Big 33 participant), and he told me to give them hell. I knew he was a lot stronger since he went to WVU, he said ‘go get'em.' He's real intense. He'll be great this year.

"I spent time with (Lance) Nimmo on my visit. I heard he will be the best lineman in the Big East. Against the Freeny guy (SU's Dwight), Freeny said he was probably the best tackle in the conference. I am trying to learn off him."

With his combination of aggressive play and hard work, it probably won't be long until Mozes is dealing out some lessons of his own to WVU opponent.

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