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Wanted: One place kicker, able to convert 35-yard field goals and point-afters for West Virginia football team. Apply: Football offices, Puskar Center – adjacent to Mountaineer Field at Milan Puskar Stadium. Immediate opening.

Head coach Rich Rodriguez issued a statement that if there were any available kickers with collegiate eligibility remaining that can start now, he'd love to have them. They would immediately be a first-team player for the defending Big East and Sugar Bowl champions. For how long would depend upon their ability, but with place kicker Pat McAfee out with a sprained quad, walk-on John Babcock's cut-and-run back to California and David Brewer handling kickoffs, West Virginia is hurting for depth.

Part of the comments were tongue-in-cheek, because Brewer did hit a 40-yard field goal for Ohio in the Big 33 all-star prep football classic versus Pennsylvania. But the depth is getting thin there, and that was where the sixth-year head coach focused just some or his gathering ire toward a team that seems, at least in his words, to be lacking the work ethic it needs.

"I asked them today how many had ever gone undefeated in college," Rodriguez said. "Nobody raised their hands. A few of us coaches have been lucky enough to do so. And the team I was on practiced in 115-degree weather and practiced like it was they last day the would ever play. And they won all their games. It's not bad if you can get the right work. The heat was not an issue today. There were just moments when I did not like the intensity.

"We are trying to be a little faster and crisper and institute a few things in practice, and it wasn't to my liking. They will either run during our regularly scheduled practice, or we will create some running for them. Today, we created some running for them. We ran quite a few 40s and 20s and such. I don't know how many. I didn't count."

The majority of Friday's work focused on third down situations. The Mountaineers practiced third and two, and four, and six, and eight and 10 and fourth and five. It then worked the two-minute drill. West Virginia holds its second two-a-day session Saturday. It will practice in just shirt sand shorts in the morning for 75 minutes, then move to a full officiated scrimmage in the afternoon.

"I still don't know if Pat, he did a little more today, but I don't know if he will practice tomorrow," Rodriguez said. "Brandon Myles didn't do much today. He is still nursing a knee. Ed Collington has a bum ankle, so he just did some things today. Pat McAfee is still injured. Guys like (Collington), they need a lot of reps."

WVU's lack of quarterbacks and tailbacks will shorten the scrimmage session. It's a point of contention with Rodriguez that his team, which relies so heavily on the two positions, is short of them after a few injuries and players leaving. WVU was down to tis fourth quarterback in his first year, and the coach vowed today that he would never allow this to happen again.

"We will never be short tailbacks or quarterbacks again, I can tell you that," he said. "And we had a lot of guys miss yesterday afternoon and we had 12 guys who took a final today. But there were a lot of them that stayed up last night studying. They finished summer school today. They had class all week, and there is really nothing you can do about the schedule. I wish summer school ended a week early. This is not what training camps used to be.

"I thought it was an average practice. I didn't think we got a whole lot better today as a team and I kind of addressed it with them. We have to be a better team than we were last year, and that means we have to practice better. We got some things to get corrected. But I have been doing this a few years. I know that training camp is not particularly the most enjoyable time. I love football, but I don't particularly like parts of training camp. I am sure the players will tell you the same thing. But you gotta work and get ready to play. Everybody in the country is going through this; every coach, every player. It's not earth-shattering news."

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