Man of Few Words

Ben C. Rain High School lineman Rodney Hudson has yet to set foot on West Virginia's campus, but that didn't stop him from becoming WVU's tenth verbal commitment in the class of 2007.

Hudson, who has learned a great deal about WVU over the past couple of seasons, committed to West Virginia despite having yet to visit.

"It was kind of tough to do that, but I am set in my decision," said Hudson, who, depsite his size and aggressive nature on the field, is soft-spoken and reserved off it. "I'm going to visit in December, but I can't go before that because it's pretty far while we are playing. We have a good shot at making the playoffs, and the season is pretty busy."

Despite that limitation, Hudson decided to commit to West Virginia, becoming the fourth offensive lineman in this class. He will be a tackle for coach Rick Trickett, who impressed Hudson during the recruiting process.

"Coach Trickett likes to work hard and win, and I like that too," he explained. "He made everything sound pretty good up there."

Hudson, who counts run blocking as one of the strengths of his game, should fit well in West Virginia's offense. He has the quickness to play on the edge of the offensive line, but couples it with an aggressive streak that make him a prime drive blocker. He has watched West Virginia's offense for a couple of years now, and believes he will fit in well with Trickett's troops.

"I've been following West Virginia for a while. A couple of players from here went there, inclduing Patrick White. I have watched them a lot."

Hudson's school, B.C. Rain, is slated to play White's alma mater this year, and although he never faced off against the Mountaineers' star quarterback, he is looking forward to being a teammate of his in the future. However, for now, he is concentrating on his upcoming senior season.

"I'll be playing both ways, and I know I will have to work on my conditioning," said Hudson, who stands 6-3, weighs in at 285 pounds and runs a 5.2 forty-yard dash. "I know I will have to be in top condition when I go there to play."

Hudson will begin his career as an offensive tackle. He does prefer the offensive side of the ball -- a recruiting factor that helped shape his decision to commit to West Virginia. And while he knows it will be a new challenge on the collge level, he is confident in his skills.

"I think I have the ability to play tackle in college," he said. "It's where I play in high school. I will just have to keep working hard."

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