West Virginia head coach Rich Rodriguez addressed a problem on Thursday that deals with a growing segment of collegiate football – the proliferation of player information and its (now) direct involvement with the athletes.

West Virginia kicker Pat McAfee has allegedly had problems with people (not fans) e-mailing him following Rodriguez's comments about the sophomore place kicker's quad sprain. McAfee missed several practice sessions, and apparently some people (again, not fans), e-mailed the Pittsburgh native to state their disappointment with what they viewed as an apparent lack of commitment.

These persons might have found McAfee's address via the WVU student directory, or other online sites. Whatever the information source, McAfee, after many messages, addressed the problem with his head coach, who brought the problem to the media. It is being at least partially curtailed and certainly addressed here.

The Blue and Gold News and does not condone any persons in a relation, supportive or not, with West Virginia University athletics e-mailing players to express support, disappointment or any other feeling that results, either from newspaper, internet, radio, television or other media reports or any game/practice outcome. We do not publish such student information on this website or in the newspaper, and we do not condone such publication via non-school-based athletic-related sites.

Any person that is caught harassing players, coaches and any supporting staff of any sport because of a non-personal nature, via e-mail or otherwise, who has an account with BlueGold will be immediately banned from the site. These actions are why many internet sites, despite being run without University influence and under typical free journalistic integrities and all that they entail, are given a bad image. We feel we have among the most up-to-the-minute, accurate coverage of WVU athletics, and that we provide a valuable service to fans, as does the Blue and Gold News, to stay in touch with the aforementioned West Virginia University athletics.

These are student-athletes. In the case of Pat McAfee, we will insert opinion here and write that he is among the finest place kickers and, indeed, players, West Virginia University has had. But beyond his athletic abilities, which are many as he has shown, and, indeed, regardless of them, Pat is a great asset to the University community. And even if such were not the case, harassment via e-mail is an offense, and as such will be punished by Furthermore, the so-called fans who have written him are doing nothing more than hurting West Virginia University and its athletic – and often academic – endeavors.

We ask that all West Virginia University supporters act as such and allow the coaches, student-athletes and support staff to do what is their job – fiscally, educationally or otherwise - without harassment of any kind.

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