Safety Visits WVU

West Virginia's 3-3-5 defense requires more players in the six-foot, 215-pound range than just about any other alignment in use today, so the Mountaineer coaching staff is constantly evaluating players of the "tweener" size for its program. One such player paid an unofficial visit for WVU's 42-10 throttling of Marshall on Saturday.

Sean Fobbs, a six-foot, one-inch, 215-pound safety from Miamisburg (Oh) High School, made his second trip to West Virginia to check out the game and the facilities. Fobbs, who attended a session of WVU's football camp, got a taste of what the college game was all about.

"It's just so exciting when you go down there for real," said Fobbs. "It was amazing. I have never been to a college game before. Before the game you get the band running on the field, and the crowd, and everything gets you hyped up. Watching the players warm up, it's like you've been waiting to do that and see that all your life. And the players were really getting pumped up too."

Fobbs, who has offers from Kentucky, Ohio, Bowling Green, Eastern Michigan, Akron, and Buffalo, is hoping for offers from a pair of Division I schools. And should those offers come, those schools would immediately vault to the top of his list.

"I am waiting on West Virginia and Michigan State – those two would be the hardest for me to decide between. I've been to Michigan State three times, and I will try to visit there again. I like the players and coaches and facilities there, and I like West Virginia too."

Both the Mountaineer and Spartan coaching staffs have told Fobbs they want to see tape of his first three or four games before making the decision to offer. That's common for players entering their senior seasons, as coaches want to make sure there hasn't been any drop-off in performance from an athlete's junior season. Fobbs isn't planning on resting on his laurels, and has lined out items he is working on during his senior season.

"I'm trying to be smarter. By watching films and watching other teams and their offense I can be a better player," he explained. And I am working on my coverage skills. I did well at camps coverage wise, but I think I can be better.

WVU also had the chance to see Fobbs in person at its summer camp, where he performed well at safety spots

"They had me playing [spur and bandit] at camp, and I got two picks there," Fobbs recounted.

Fobbs, who counts his speed and hitting ability among his best attributes, might also include versatility on that list. Miamisburg plays both 4-3 and 5-2 defensive alignments, and the aggressive defender mans safety positions with varying duties in both. Although his team has dropped its first two game, Fobbs has racked up 12 tackles and played well.

Fobbs is faced with the tough choice of waiting for an offer from one of the two schools atop his list, or accepting the scholarship from one of the schools already in line for him. It's a difficult one, and something that he is wrestling with. For now, however, it appears that he is leaning toward the former choice.

"My coach is trying to get me to decide, but I want to be patient," said Fobbs, who believes he will eventually receive an offer from at least one of his two favorites.

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