Breaking down the reportee list

WVU's list of reportees to camp run the gamut from fully qualified to walk on candidates.

Among the newcomers, ten are invited walkons, including Nick Cherish, Nathan Forse, Abraham Jones, Blake Ladson, Tim Lindsey, Aaron Meckstroth, Jeremy Moore, Eric Ruth, Thandi Smith, and Casey Welch.

Several other signees still are awaiting final word from the NCAA concerning qualification issues. Players on that list include Dwayne Thompson, Jamil Tyson and J.T. Perry. They could still attain eligible status and report to camp, but a timeframe on those rulings is unknown.

Travis Garvin, having already been a player in Division 1 at Missouri, will report on Wednesday with the veterans.

Of the other players reporting, three (Ben Clemmons, Joe Hunter and Krys Williams) appear to be partial qualifiers. As such they would be allowed to practice, but not play, this year.

For those players awaiting qualification word, a number of avenues and options remain open, including enrolling as non qualifiers, delaying enrollment until January, and even sitting out and taking the SAT or ACT again to attempt to raise their scores. Their plans may not be finalized until school begins.

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