The Mohawk Gang

With a whole bunch of time to kill before Thursday's kickoff against Maryland, the Mountaineers probably had a variety of activities planned throughout the day to keep them occupied. Homework, film study, and rest were likely activities. However, one group of Mountaineer defenders decided to take a trip into the past.

Looking around the weight room during pregame, one could spot Eric Wicks walking around without his helmet. If you got closer, it became clear that Wicks had seemingly transformed into Mr. T. Gone was most of the hair on the sides of his head. Still remaining was a thick line of hair right through the middle. All of the sudden, Wicks went from living in the new millenium to bringing back memories of the 1980's.

It didn't take long to figure out that Wicks wasn't alone. Linebacker Mortty Ivy had the same do, as did cornerbacks Antonio Lewis and Vaughn Rivers. Redshirt freshman free safety Quinton Andrews was also sporting the look, and defensive lineman Craig Wilson was also a member of the Mohawk Gang.

"Vaughn Rivers started it off," Wicks said, pinpointing his high school teammate as the ringleader. "We were sitting around talking about it, and laughing at him. The next thing you know we're all cutting our hair off. There's about five of us who did it."

Starting center Dan Mozes says that while Rivers was the first, there was a snowball effect soon after.

"It seemed like Vaughn started it, and then it just went downhill from there," said the senior from Washington, Pa. "When we came to breakfast this morning, it seemed like someone else had did it. Then at lunch, someone else, and then at dinner it looked like half of the defense had done it."

Wilson, who started on the defensive line Thursday night, crossed over to the offense to enlist help with his haircut.

"I let Mike Dent cut mine," he said, referring to West Virginia's second team center.

So, whose new 'do looks the best? That's open for debate. Wicks was quick to say that his looks the best, while Wilson cast a vote for himself, saying that his was the "smoothest Mohawk."

Mozes agreed with Wicks, but said that Rivers' looks "kind of goofy."

The madness hasn't stopped yet. According to one Mountaineer offensive player, whose identity is being protected for this story, he'll soon be sporting the look as well.

"I have to do that," said the player. "I told them I would and I didn't, so they have me on a short leash right now. We'll see what happens though."

Was this look derived in response to the offensive line's appearance on the first day of fall camp with shaved heads? Not likely. And even if it was, Mozes said the line won't be responding.

"We already did our thing. We shaved our head at the beginning of the season, and now we're letting it all grow out," he said.

For whatever it's worth, though, West Virginia's all-America candidate at center is intrigued by the new look that some of his teammates are now showing off.

"I think it's kind of neat looking, you know? Its odd looking. I don't think that Coach Trickett would like it if we did something like that."

Wicks says he doesn't care how his hair looks, so long as the team continues to win.

"I think it was just a crazy-retro look. It was like we were all saying ‘I don't care how my hair looks, I'm just going to go out there and play football."

That may be true. Will there be more hairy tales from this Mountaineer team? Stay tuned. With at least three more evening games on the schedule, there's a lot of downtime for shenanigans to take place.

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