Where It Counts

Forget the AP poll, which gets far more attention that it deserves now that it's no longer a part of the BCS Rankings. One of the polls to watch is the Harris Interactive Poll, which, unlike the AP Poll, does have a bearing on the national championship.

The first poll of the 2006 season came out on Monday, and West Virginia is solidly in the chase. The Mountaineers are fourth in the Week One of the Harris Interactive Poll, trailing just Ohio State, USC and Auburn.

The Big East also shows well in the poll, with Louisville ranked seventh and Rutgers 23rd. Unlike other polls, the Harris appears to show less bias toward "traditional powers". Miami is barely on the radar screen, garnering just 19 points, while Boise State (22) and Missouri (24) have earned spots along with the Scarlet Knights based on their play on the field this year. Michigan, based on the strength of its wins, is ahead of Florida in the HIP.

The Harris Interactive Poll is comprised of a panel of former coaches, players and administrators, and current and former media. Ohio State secures top ranking while USC narrowly edges Auburn for second place.

Harris Interactive Poll

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