ETI: Syracuse Edition

Duke and Jimbo are tied up in the Blue n Gold in this week's review.

Duke: Hello, I'm Duke

Jimbo: And I'm Jimbo.

Duke: Just before the WVU football team completes its warm-ups and go back into the locker room the stadium video screen runs a video of the "The Blue N Gold Song" by 6-6 240. There is a line in the song that goes, "That's right, yeah, we got Pat White. He can run, he can gun it is a wonderful sight." Saturday certainly was a wonderful sight as Pat torched Syracuse with four touchdowns and 247 yards rushing.

Jimbo: Pat White was just super, but let's give a ton of credit to Steve Slaton who ran for a quietest 163 yards I've ever seen. The offensive line and the wide receivers also deserve credit. The fakes to Steve Slaton really pulled the Syracuse team toward him and Pat just punished Syracuse with their pursuit of Steve. ESPN's Lou Holtz was commenting on the highlights and he gave kudos to the great blocks by our wide receivers. The coaching staff did a great job as they really took a hard look at the East Carolina and Mississippi State games and developed some new wrinkles.

Duke: There is a line in the Blue N Gold song that goes, "With Kevin McLee I feel good about the D," but Jimbo I'm not feeling too good about the defense. Syracuse hit some wide open guys as our defense backs, again, just don't seem to be able to stay with receivers. Peeking at future quarterbacks, Brian Brohm (Louisville), Tyler Palko (Pitt), and Mike Teel (Rutgers) -- I'm afraid they will really take advantage of this.

Jimbo: Duke, let's not get too crazy. Syracuse finished with 227 yards of offense. That is a very solid performance. The fix is a tweak and not a rework. Coach Casteel will have these guys in the right places in future games. For the most part the breakdowns came against running quarterbacks. With Brohm, Palko, and Teel we'll stay glued to the receivers. I'll compare this with our early inability to get sacks. West Virginia has zero sacks in our first four games and now the defense has recorded 11 sacks in their last two games. Tweaks, Duke, tweaks!

After the Mississippi State game, Coach Rodriguez said that he was moving some offensive players to the defense. I finally figured out who he was talking about – kicker Pat McAfee! For the second week in a row Pat ran an opposing kickoff returner down and tackled them with authority.

Duke: Let's open some mail from our fans. Trivia Boy, grab a question from the Mail Bag.

Trivia Boy: All right guys, the question is, "What three teams are the most overrated in college football this year?"

Jimbo: I heard a strong argument by Colin Cowherd on ESPN radio that he thought the SEC was overrated based upon the SEC's recent bowl records and the fact that hte bottom dwellers of the SEC aren't scaring anyone. I guess I'm not answering the question exactly, but when I think of overrated I'm thinking SEC. And if you look at the Big Ten, while they have Ohio State and Michigan, they have several very weak teams. By the way, how does Iowa stay in the Top 25?

Duke: I've wondered about the SEC myself. USC goes to Arkansas and beats them 50-11 and Arkansas goes to Auburn and buries the Tigers 27-10. Comparartive scores usually don't mean much, but it makes you wonder. What about the ACC? The league has really hit rock bottom. Maryland and Virginia have fallen apart. I'm wondering if both Ralph Friedgen and Al Groh won with the previous coaches' players. Perhaps better stated, maybe they can coach, but they sure can't recruit.

Nice showing by Miami on Saturday. I keep hearing that Coach Coker is cleaning up Miami, but in the Louisville game they stomped on Louisville's logo and then this past weekend tried to stomp Florida International with an array of punches, kicks and swinging helmets. Late Saturday Boston College President Fr. William Leahy was likely wondering if ten Hail Mary's could get them back in the Big East.

Duke: Trivia Boy what do you have today?

Trivia Boy: Guys which NFL team has had the most West Virginia University Mountaineers playing for them over the team's history?

Duke: Now for the Big Finish!

Duke: Getting back to 6-6 240 the Washington Post reports that WVU players have also started using third parties to lobby for inclusion in the weekly remixes. Says the raper, "I [Six Six] get little hints from people whose friends who say, you know, 'I made this play so I should be in the song next week,'" he said. "I guess that's a little bit of incentive for them to make it into the remix every week."

Jimbo: If you get the opportunity to visit the new Hall of Traditions in the Puskar Center, it is a must see. The Hall is very classy and it really does a beautiful job of highlighting West Virginia's rich football history. It has everything from bowl rings, to all the old helmets, to theatre seating for West Virginia football films. It even has great calls by Jack Fleming. Very well done!

Duke: Mel Kiper Jr. was really pumping up the Big East Saturday night. With West Virginia, Louisville, Rutgers, and Pitt, Kiper feels that the Big East has a very bright future and feels that the Big East may very well have the best coaches.

Jimbo: I think the answer is Duke's Cincinnati Bengals, but I can't tell you who is second for the bonus points.

Trivia Boy: Good call Jimbo. The Cincinnati Bengals have had 14 Mountaineers. The Steelers have had 11 while the Jets have had 10.

Jimbo: I have a little something for 6-6 240 and it goes like this, "West Virginia heads to UConn for a ESPN Friday night game, it don't matter the result will be the same" as the boys will go 1-0 one more time!

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