Set To Sign

West Virginia basketball commitment John Flowers doesn't view the early November signing period as a big event or a chance to take a weight off his shoulders.

That's because the 6-7 front court player has had no doubts about his commitment to the Mountaineer program for a long time.

"I am going to sign in November. There's no question about that," said Flowers, who took in West Virginia's opening basketball practice at the WVU Coliseum. "So, it's not really a relief or anything like that, because I know I am going to sign with West Virginia, and I've known it all along. So I haven't had to worry about that."

Flowers, another in the growing line of forwards who can shoot the ball from the perimeter to be attracted to head coach John Beilein's system, predictably points to that as one of the major reasons he will soon ink his name to a WVU grant-in-aid.

"I liked their playing style and the chemistry they have when they play," said Flowers, who also got to take in a bit of that first hand over the summer. His St. Mary's Ryken team participated in West Virginia's summer basketball camp, and squared off against the Red Oxen – the team of incoming WVU recruits that plays together at the camp.

"We got to play against them in the camp, and I liked the way they played too," said Flowers, even though most of the frosh hadn't been exposed to Beilein's system yet. However, the WVU coaching staff recruits players that "play the game the way it's supposed to be played", and that style and manner of play will show up anywhere, even in the free flowing games of summer camps. WVU's freshmen, unlike many, displayed solid fundamentals and good court sense – innate abilities that should translate well to Beilein's system. Those were apparent to Flowers, who also should fit that mold well.

With so much attention focused on the recruiting process and selecting a college, players can sometimes feel rushed through their senior seasons. That won't be the case for Flowers, who has set definitive goals for his team during his final year.

"I just want to help us get better, and I am trying to be a senior leader," the soft-spoken forward said. "I need to play my role and help our team get better and win a championship. We just have two returning starters and two seniors, so we are young, but I still plan on going all the way. I'm looking forward to my senior year in high school. I will be working hard to improve, and I want to help us win."

Although Flowers has been to West Virginia before on unofficial visits, this was the first time he was able to see the team in practice.

"When I came on my unofficial visit I got to play with the guys a little bit, but the coaches couldn't be there," he said. "This is the first time I have seen a practice with the coaches. I can learn a lot just watching them practice. Coach Beilein shows things you are doing right and wrong, and you can see what he expects from the team."

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