Tuesday Football Practice Report

Tuesday's practice sessions continued Monday's pattern of a morning at the Stadium concentrating on fundamentals and individual skills, followed by an afternoon in full pads on the grass devoted to team practice and scrimmaging.

With the coaches a bit concerned over mistakes of concentration an inattention, morning sessions have been largely devoted to correcting those types of mistakes. A great deal of time has been devoted to fundamentals, from footwork and securing the ball at the skill positions to wrapping up and stripping the ball for the defense.

During the afternoon session, the defense again continued to work on a variety of blitz packages, which they will rely on to create pressure on the quarterback from their three man front, while the offense worked on countering the heavy pressure.

Both sides enjoyed some success. Quarterback Rasheed Marshall threw the ball well from in the pocket, and also avoided the pressure on a series of rollouts and bootlegs. He found fullback Moe Fofana for a good gain on one such play.

The offense and defense also squared off in several goal line series. The defense stopped the majority of the offense's plays between the tackles, but the offense did manage to get into the endzone a couple of times on perimeter plays such as sweeps and bootleg run/pass options. the offense worked with a variety of formations in those situations.

In position moves, the staff continued to look at different players at different spots. Ernest Hunter spent a good ddeal of time at defensive end, and long with Kevin Freeman had a very good practice. Adam Lehnortt continued to see a lot of time at middle linebacker, as did Mike Lorello at free safety.

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