ETI: WVU - Cincinnati Edition

The boys were impressed with West Virginia's bounceback win against Cincinnati on more than one front

I>Duke: Hello, I'm Duke

Jimbo: And I'm Jimbo.

Duke: Well, old grads and young lads, when the cheerleaders were hoisted into their circle formation in front on the inflatable helmet, Brady Campbell was getting ready to blast the musket, the smoke started to billow from the helmet, and the Pride was playing Space Odyssey, I started to think it is really great to be home again. There has been a lot of travelling for the past five games.

Jimbo, there seemed to be little apprehension in air prior to kick-off as Cincinnati had played Ohio State, Virginia Tech and Louisville respectfully and their defense had only given up five rushing touchdowns all season. Also, we were not sure how this team would respond after the tough Louisville loss.

Jimbo: I loved the way our defense responded. Let's throw out the Louisville game for this discussion – the defense has been criticized all season, but when you looked back at the stats it appeared numbers-wise that the defense was playing pretty well. The defense just couldn't pass the smell test so to speak, but I had a totally different sense against Cincinnati. It seemed like we were running some different packages and being very aggressive as we had constant pressure on their quarterback. As promised some of the young defense backs received playing time. Guesly Dervil and Boogie Allen played solid games. I can't help but to think that the secondary has a bright future with our young defensive backs, including Quinton Andrews.

Duke: Kevin McLee played a great game. I was starting to wonder if "Boo" indicated a ghostly presence, as he hasn't been around in the manner I expected this year, but he played hug in this game. Jimbo, we are getting giddy over the defense and it is easy to start taking Mr. Slaton and Mr. White for granted, but once again they performed like All-Americans as Steve rushed for 148 yards on 12 carries and Patrick added 93 yards on the ground and 98 yards in the air with three touchdowns. When the MSN broadcast team gives their player of the game awards on the post game show it is very difficult not to give this recognition to Steve or Pat. That being said, Brandon Myles played a whale of a game.

Jimbo: Switching subjects Duke, Coach Rodriguez wasn't happy with his "twos". Unfortunately, Jarrett Brown was caught up in this and was pulled along with all the other twos. At the end of the third quarter I was hoping that Jarrett would see some significant playing time.

On the running back front, I realize Owen Schmitt is our backup running back, but that leaves us very thin. If we had a solid backup Owen likely wouldn't have been injured. I just hope our verbal commitments stick as they should see considerable time next year.

Duke: Now for the Big Finish!

Congratulations to Rutgers! It was a great game to watch. In fact it was a lot of fun watching a game and not feeling the tension you normally feel during a Mountaineer game. Lately it seems like winning isn't enough. We worry too much, unnecessarily, about style points or giving up too many yards on defense. But I digress. One of the most remarkable things that I saw in the Rutgers' game was the fans storming the field. When it was announced that there were two seconds remaining on the clock and they were asked to leave the field, it was like they reversed the film! The fans quickly scattered off the field.

Jimbo: Congratulations to Rayshawn Bolden who made ESPN's Top 10 Plays. That was a great hustle play as he picked up Pat White's fumble and then stretched for the touchdown.

Duke: Congratulations to the new inductees to the WVU Sports Hall of Fame and especially to the legendary Domenick "Mickey" Furfari. His contributions to West Virginia athletics are absolutely immeasurable. Jimbo, we should write song based upon Terry Cashman's song "Talkin' Baseball" where the famous line is, "Willie, Mickey & The Duke, I'm talkin' Willie, Mickey and the Duke!" Our song would go "It was Jimbo, Mickey, and The Duke."

Jimbo: Duke, I have one of real nice white jacket for you. The sleeves are extra long and it wraps around the back and ties into a nice bow.

Editor's Note: Don't worry, readers - we'd put any such comparisons right where they belong - the shredder.

Jimbo: Well it's the annual Backyard Brawl! As always it is the good guys against the bad guys. It is the State of West Virginia against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It is the largest city in West Virginia (i.e., Mountaineer Field) against the metropolis of Pittsburgh. It is about the city folk telling their toothbrush jokes; their one leg shorter than the other jokes; their wife and sister jokes. It's about the Pitt public address jokes (Pitt's PA announcer in 1987 brayed that a tractor in the parking lot left its lights on, and had the license plate E-I-E-I-O).

They can snicker all they want and I hope that satisfies them because by the end of evening they will hear Let's Go Mountaineers and Country Roads. They'll understand Spot the Ball. They'll understand smash mouth football. They'll understand big time college football. To that I add BEAT PITT and let's go 1 and 0 one more time!

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