Magee Glee

Whenever Calvin Magee is asked about his running backs and quarterback Patrick White, he gets a smile on his face that looks just like the cat that swallowed the canary. And with good reason.

Any coach that gets to be around players of the caliber of Steve Slaton and Owen Schmitt would be ecstatic. Add in White, and Magee, who is part of the playcalling loop for West Virginia's offense, has to feel like just about anything he calls on the ground is going to work.

Following West Virginia's 45-27 destruction of Pitt in the Backyard Brawl, Magee was one of the happiest people in the interview room. Not only did his charges bounce back from a subpar first half rushing performance to rack up a ridiculous 437 yards on the ground, they did so by building on what he sees every day in practice.

In this interview, Magee discusses those practice qualities, whether it's possible to give the duo of Steve Slaton and Patrick White too much credit, and describes some of the underlying reasons for their success. He also touches on the way West Virginia prepared for the game in light of Owen Schmitt's injury, and the expectations he has for the Mountaineer rushing game.

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