Good Hands Guy

If Alex Ruoff were a member of the Mountaineer football squad, he would undoubtedly have a place on the hands team.

Ruoff has quickly demonstrated his improved defensive abilities at the wing on WVU's 1-3-1 defense this fall. Although not long or overly fast, the 6-5 guard has displayed a knack for deflecting passes and making outright steals in West Virginia's signature defense. The sophomore is second on the team in steals with eight, and undoubtedly leads the team in deflections. He had six in the first half against Canisius alone -- a measure of defensive intensity and activity that the coaching staff watches closely.

Ruoff told that he learned a lot sitting behind Joe Herber last year, an assessment with which head coach John Beilein agrees. Beilein notes that Ruoff has "a moxie for the game" -- his way of saying that he understands the game in a way that allows him to better position himself for those steals and deflections.

Listen to Ruoff as he describes the attributes that have allowed him to become a defensive force early in the season.

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