ETI: West Virginia - Rutgers Edition

Post-regular season kudos are on the menu in this edition of Excuse the interruption

Duke: Hello, I'm Duke

Jimbo: And I'm Jimbo.

Duke: Well Old Grads and Young Lads, Saturday night certainly didn't end the way it started. First,WVU was dealing with a loss to South Florida that knocked it out of a BCS Bowl. Then, Mountaineer Nation was shocked to see Jarrett Brown lining up under center instead of Patrick White. And when Rutgers easily marched down the field and scored on their first drive – well, Jimbo, things didn't look very promising.

Jimbo: Duke I have to agree the situation didn't look good, but as Coach Rodriguez says, "Hold the Rope"! WVU held it just enough for a thrilling 41-39, three overtime victory that ended with the playing of Country Roads. What a topper to a great evening. There were many great stories Saturday night, but you have to start with Brown. Let me think of some adjectives: poised, athletic, fast, powerful and elusive - plus he has a gun for an arm. I was shocked to read the box score and see that he only completed 14 out of 29 attempts. It seemed like he had a much higher completion ratio. Perhaps since he completed so many clutch passes it just seemed like he completed a higher percentage.

Duke: Speaking of clutch, what about Pat McAfee with his 38-, 30-, and 42-yard field goals? And I've never seen a punter send up rockets like Pat did in cold weather. I've been watching West Virginia's rugby punts since day one of the Coach Rodriguez era and the punts usually have a much lower trajectory than traditional punts, but when they hit the turf the ball just takes off. Pat's rugby punts absolutely soared. With the cold weather it must have been like kicking bricks.

Jimbo: Congratulations to Brandon Myles, who has really played big in our past two games. Brandon had a slow start at West Virginia. He was supposed to be the counter to Chris Henry and be able to take double team pressure off Chris, and that never really materialized. It the last two games he has been tremendous. Against South Florida Chris had six catches for 95 yards and two touchdowns and this Saturday he added four big catches for 63 yards and a huge touchdown. I really believe with Brandon's size and speed he has a shot at the NFL.

Duke: Jimbo, we have to work on the defense. I'm not sure where the problem lies. Our defense backs appear to be out of position and allowing huge gains, but on the flip side the opposing quarterback has more than four or five seconds to throw the ball, and most good receivers are going to get open in that amount of time. If we are going to make another run at this thing next year, we must be a more dominant defense. I can see our young defensive backs stepping in next year and making a solid contribution. What I don't see is where is the pass rush going to come from? Keilen Dykes is great player, but he is really a run stuffer. The linebackers are solid, but also run stoppers. Where are the explosive ends that will put pressure on the quarterback? Can Johnny Dingle or say a Doug Slavonic raise their game to be that guy?

Jimbo: I'd like to congratulate all the graduating players. You've done a tremendous job in raising West Virginia football to that next level and you'll be missed.

Duke: And to that Jimbo let me add congratulations to the cheerleaders and The Pride. These students put in a tremendous amount of time and effort to showcase the University as a very special place.

Jimbo: Duke, I am now focused on our next opponent - Georgia Tech. It is back to Jacksonville, Florida and the Gator Bowl. We haven't had a lot of success at the Gator Bowl so it time to load the wagons, head to Jacksonville and put a stomping on the Ramblin' Wreck of Georgia Tech and go 1 and 0 one more time!

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