Practice Points

Against Savannah State, West Virginia got some work in against pressure defense. And although the Tigers won't be the toughest defensive foe the Mountaineers will face this year, center Rob Summers believes WVU will get some benefit from facing the different trapping looks the visitors presented.

Granted, Savannah State did not mount an all-out full court blitz against the Mountaineers. The Tigers instead offered soft pressure for much of the game, which was designed to milk a few seconds off the shot clock, thus lessening the amount of time WVU had to run its halfcourt sets. However, in the second half, the Tigers did ratchet up the pressure some, and executed some halfcourt traps that bothered the Mountaineers on a few possessions.

While Savannah State was never in serious contention in the game, the pressure did give West Virginia the chance to get their press break offense on tape, which will then be converted into more teaching lessons for the team.

In this interview, Rob Summers describes that learning process, and observes that he never dreamed how much tape the Mountaineers would watch under head coach John Beilein.

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