Three Leaders

James Rickards' High School cornerback Rudell Crim has one official visit down and at least two to go as he rounds out the recruiting process.

Crim, who made an official visit to West Virginia on the weekend of Dec. 9, enjoyed his look at the Mountaineer program.

"The visit went great. I learned everything I wanted to know about the school. One thing tht impressed me a lot was the way they are very strict on education. That's important to me, and they talked a lot about that."

Crim, who is interested in majoring in the sports management field, was hosted by Kent Richardson, a fellow Rickards alumnus.

"He really loves it there. He told me once he was there for awhile, it was feeling like home. He had to adjust to the weather, because it's cold there in the winter, but he loves it now. He made sure to tell me everything about the program."

West Virginia also scored points with Crim for the manner in which the players welcomed him.

"They made me feel like I was at home. That caught my attention right away," he said.

Although Crim had nothing but good feelings about his visit to West Virginia, he still has at least two more trips to take before he begins to compare his final schools under consideration. He will visit Louisville on Jan. 13 and South Florida the following weekend, and could possibly set up a visit with Illinois as well.

"West Virginia, Louisville and South Florida are my top three, and all of them have offered," he confirmed. "They are all looking at me on defense, and they all think I can play either cornerback or safety. I think I am even at either position, and I don't think I'd have a problem playing either one."

Once Crim completes his visits, he will begin the difficult task of making his decision. He notes that on each visit he is gathering as much information as possible to make the job easier, but as of now doesn't have a timetable for his decision.

"It could come down to Signing Day, but I am still debating that," he said.

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