Head Start

Warren Harding (Oh.) High School graduate Sidney Glover isn't wasting any time in starting on his collegiate career.

The Ohio safety, who recorded 130 tackles during his senior season on the football field, has completed his high school work, earned qualifying scores on his tests, and will enroll at West Virginia for the Jan. 2007 semester.

"Actually, I am coming to West Virginia on the morning of the fourth," Glover told BlueGoldNews.com on Wednesday evening. "I'm getting everything all ready right now. I have a bunch of people coming with me – my mom, my uncle and aunt, and my girlfriend. She attends Kent, and they are all excited for me."

Glover's family was fine with the decision to graduate early and get started on his college career.

"We sat down and talked about it [when the opportunity arose]", Glover said. "It turns out they were just as excited as I was to get started on my college career. Plus, it's only about two and a half hours from my house to West Virginia, so they should be able to come visit me and help me adjust if I need it."

While some people might not want to miss the last traditional semester of high school life, with prom, graduation ceremonies and all the trappings that exiting seniors enjoy, Glover doesn't count himself in that group.

"I have no regrets at all about the decision," he maintained. "I am very excited to leave and get going. I am going to enjoy college life."

While most incoming freshmen get a bit of a head start on their college careers by enrolling for the second semester of summer school prior to the start of the new academic year in August, Glover will get an even earlier jump. In the classroom, he will start out with the basics ("I'll take English, Math, and some of the courses I'll need no matter what I major in"), but he'll also get the big advantage of going through spring practice. While those 15 practice sessions are often geared toward individual improvement, Glover figures to get enough exposure to the defensive scheme to figure out what position he might land at and where he stands in the pecking order on the defensive depth chart.

"I think it will be a big advantage, going through spring ball and all," he confirmed. "I'll get a jump on everyone else and be able to get settled in more quickly."

Of course, a head start doesn't mean that Glover is going to immediately make an impact on the depth chart or contend for immediate playing time. However, with West Virginia's pass defense problems, there will certainly be open competition at all five back end positions, so every bit of instruction and repetition Glover gets during the spring will help him when those spots are up for grabs in the fall.


Glover will be joined at WVU this semester by junior college defensive back Ellis Lankster, who also graduated early. Lankster is expected to compete for immediate playing time at cornerback.

* * *

Glover watched his teammates defeat Georgia Tech in the Gator Bowl, and wasn't concerned when the Mountaineers fell behind early.

"I have seen them play several games, and I just figured they weren't playing well at the start," said the well-spoken defender. "I was just waiting for them to get going. They just got off to a bad start."

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