Carrying On

As West Virginia's departing football players prepare for anything from pro careers to life after the game, many turn to familiar faces to help them take the next steps.

Whether it's players like Dan Mozes, who began working shortly after the Gator Bowl in preparation for the NFL combine and draft, or guys who simply want to retool their bodies now that their careers are over, many congregate at a familiar venue -- the weight room in Puskar Center. There, under the oversight of Director of Strength and Conditioning Mike Barwis and his staff, the players continue the workouts that many fans thought might have been over for them.

Barwis and his staff don't charge for those sessions -- they view them as part of the payback the school owes the players for their four or five years of hard work.

In this exclusive interview with, Barwis discusses the bonds he and the rest of the staff have forged with the players, and the reason they return to prepare for the next steps in their lives.

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