Major Step

A West Virginia commitment made a difficult choice last week, but one that should be the best for him in the long run.

Running back Terence Kerns, who suffered a knee injury during his senior football season, had been trying to rehabilitate the injured joint without undergoing surgery. However, after a diligent effort, there wasn't enough improvement to continue on that path. As a result, Kerns made the choice to undergo surgery, which was performed a week ago.

Although knee surgery is always a cause for concern, the immediate prognosis for Kerns was a good one. No major reconstruction needed to be done, and no cartilage damage was found. Kerns' ACL was repaired, and he is now beginning the first steps on the rehabilitation trail.

While there is no way to predict what the outcome will be, the fact that Kerns has very strong ligaments bodes well for his recovery. He is beginning a physical therapy regimen that will have him working out 3-4 times per week in the early stages. No timetable has been set for milestones in the rehab process yet, but Kerns did come through the surgery well and is back in school to complete his senior season. He is slated to take the SAT again near the end of this month.

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