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Head coach Rich Rodriguez shares some thoughts after watching tapes from WVU's 56-7 win over UTC.

"I thought the kids played hard and with good enthusiam., but our execution on all three phases of the game was very average. We need to work on our fundamentals and techniques," Rodriguez analyzed. "for instance, we had our pads too high on may blocks. We had dropped passes. The holding penalties and other mental lapses hurt too."

After a 56-7 win, it may seem odd to hear Rodriguez list so many areas of needed improvement. However, he knows he has to get his team's attention quickly, because a much stiffer challenge awaits WVU next Saturday.

"Wisconsin is just an entirely different team. Their size and physicalness will be our biggest challenge. They have a couple of 300 pound players in the middle of their defense that will be tough to deal with. We have to improve a lot or it could be a long day."

It wasn't all downside, however. Rodriguez was please with the play of his tight ends in the spread offense.

"We have been trying to be more diverse offensively and get the ball to more people. We've been working on that all fall. Our tight ends have become a little more of a threat."

Rodriguez was also pleased with some players who made their debuts. Wide receiver Derrick Smith was noted for solid blocking, while defensive lineman Fred Blueford "made some plays". Rodriguez also noted that Cassel Smith, who recently returned to superback, was "pretty solid."

Quarterback Rasheed Marshall was "sharp and composed" for a player making his first start, according to Rodriguez. "He did well adjusting to the defense. He changed plays and made reads well."


- On the injury front, tight end Darnell Glover will have an MRI today on his knee and ankle, which were injured when his was tackled after a long reception. Rodriguez said the outlook was "not too optimistic."

- Cornerback Anthony Mims is still out with a hamstring pull, and no date has been set for his return. Wide receiver Phil Braxton is scheduled to return to the practice field on Monday.

- Ben Collins and Adam Lehnortt split time almost evenly at the mike linebacker with Collins taking 21 reps to Lehnortt's 20.

"Ben made a few more plays, so he will probably be the first guy out there again," Rpodriguez noted. "But we're not giving up on Lehnortt. Adam is still a young guy that needs reps, too. We're going to keep working with him."

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