Quarterbacks Key and Critical

Good quarterback play is a must this week against Wisconsin, agree head coach Rich Rodriguez and Avon Cobourne.

"UNLV had an experienced quarterback and he made some plays that really cost them," Rodriguez said. "We can't have turnovers or fumbles, and he had a couple and an interception that hurt them. We can't give free plays."

Rodriguez thought Marshall played well in the 56-7 opening win over UTC, when he completed 14 of 22 passes for 163 yards and three scores.

Cobourne said Rasheed Marshall "needs to play well this week.

"When he is on we are really tough to stop. He's a player."

"They are big up front on their corners run well," Rodriguez said of Wisconsin. "We need to keep our composure, and I think Rasheed will do that. He did not panic last game, and he made some good reads. He's not flustered, and he has reacted well."

Marshall was named the Big East Offensive Player of the Week for his handiwork.

"But this is a bigger challenge," Rodriguez said. "A Top 25 team, undefeated, in their place. We should be and will be underdogs."

Rodriguez mentioned that Wisconsin has seen a similar style offense in that of Northwestern. The Badgers played them two years ago, though, and since then Rodriguez and other coaches have become more multiple with schemes and formations to make it more difficult.

"It's not the novelty it was, but we can do more things," Rodriguez said. "Wisconsin will force us to pitch and catch. They will put eight in the box, an eight-man front, and stop the run. The DBs move well, and the corners run well. There is a lot of pressure on them."

Still, the key to the Badgers, he said, is tailback Anthony Davis.

"We need to wrap tackle, to tackle him well and hold on," Rodriguez said. "Our coaches have remarked that he looks like Zereoue a bit: small, real strong and a great burst. That might be the key right there."

Wisconsin, Rodriguez said, is about a 70-30 split in the rushing vs. passing attack. And when they do throw, he said, it is not nickel and dime passing, but the deep ball.

"Some receivers for them will have seven catches for 250-some yards, because it is all big plays, but they run right at you, it's no secret," Rodriguez said. "My main concern is their brute size and physicalness. But our guys understand how tough this will be. We had better lace up the shoes a little tighter and pump some more air into the helmets."

Musket Blasts

*Darnell Glover's MRI Sunday on his right knee revealed he has a torn ACL and will likely be out the rest of the season. The coaching staff will wait two weeks to see if he can gain any strength in the joint. If Glover does, the surgery will be held off until the end of the year to see if he can play in the final two or three games. If no improvement is noted, doctors will be given the go ahead for the knee scope.

*Phil Braxton, still nursing a groin pull, is listed as "questionable, maybe probable" for Wisconsin, according to Rodriguez. He jogged a bit Sunday and will try to practice Tuesday.

*Anthony Mims will remain out with an aggravated hamstring injury.

*Rodriguez does not regard this game as a "measuring stick."

"I don't think you want to put too much emphasis on any game," he said. "This is just game No. 2 in that 12-game playoff. It just happens to be against one of the top programs in the country. If we lose, it doesn't mean the program is not on the right track or getting better. It just means we are not on Wisconsin's level yet."

*This will be the only game on the older-style artificial turf.

"The players will probably remember our old stuff when they step on it," Rodriguez said. "They like our stuff, though." WVU's walkthrough will take place Friday in the morning.

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