Have You Been "Spotting The Ball"?

When Rich Rodriguez took over the WVU football program last year, he brought several catchphrases with him. Another Mountaineer employee in charge of a different kind of program thought one of those slogans would make a fun diversion for Mountaineer fans attending home games.

Publications Director Joe Swan, who is the editor of the fine publications put out by the WVU Athletic Department, knows a good angle when he sees, or hears one.

Upon hearing Rodriguez catch phrase "Spot the Ball", Swan, with some prodding from frineds, put his own twist on the phrase and applied it to WVU's football game programs.

On the cover of Mountaineer Illustrated, which is published for each home football game, Swam hides the small outline of a football for Mountaineer fans to find. There are no prizes to be had for locating the pigskin, but it is a fun diversion for fans, and might serve to keep some restless kids occupied while you enjoy a few minutes of the game.

Sometimes, the ball is pretty easy to spot. Sometimes, it's difficult. (This year's opener has the ball tucked onto David Upchurch's sock.)

Our favorite so far was last year's Kent State game, when Swan cleverly tucked the ball into the beak of the helmet logo of a Kent State player. That one, we admit, took us a little while to find.

So when you attend this week's game against East Carolina, take a couple minutes and Spot the Ball on this week's cover. Purchases of Mountaineer Illustrated support the WVU athletic program.

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